Car CzarDoug shows why buying a foreign car might be impossible.
Car Czar Pt. 3Doug warns about the dangers of auto loans and shares his Facebook status.
Car Czar Pt. 2Doug explains one of the top three reasons you would bring your car in the shop that you can fix yourself.
Car CzarDoug shares the insider info on auto loan delinquencies.
Car Czar: Pt. 3Doug is answering all of your Facebook questions.
Car Czar: Pickup TrucksDoug tells us about pickup trucks and puts the anchors to the test with a Car Czar quiz.
Car Czar: Fiat SpiderDoug is giving us his thoughts about Fiat’s newest ride.
Car Czar: Facebook QuestionsDoug is answering his favorite Facebook questions.
Car Czar: 2017 Ford FusionThis 2017 Ford Fusion is a hybrid with a sleek look and an affordable price.
Car Czar: Self Driving CarsDoug is telling you what you should know about cars that drive themselves.
Car Czar Pt. 3Doug is answering all of your Facebook questions.
Car Czar: Automotive Rear EndsFind out why Doug is obsessed with automotive rear ends.
Car Czar: ScentsWe’re speaking with an expert to find out why your senses are so important when driving.
Car Czar Pt. 2: Car Buyers Biggest MistakeThe Czar review the biggest and worst mistake 90% of all used car buyers make.
Car Czar Pt.2Doug is revealing the hottest new truck in the country from Nissan.
Car CzarDoug is letting you know what to do if your car has an airbag recall that could kill you.
Car Czar Pt. 2Doug is teaching us about what NOT to do with your car.
Car Czar: Automotive EducationThe Car Czar shares the inside track on how both young men and women can enter the automotive industry at salary that may stun you!
Car Czar Pt. 3Doug is here to answer your Facebook questions today.
Car Czar Pt. 2: Courtesy WaveOur car expert is teaching us about good manners while driving.
Car Czar: Driving ApparelDoug shows us what not to wear while driving, as well as a new BMW that will save you hundreds in gas.
Car Czar Pt. 2Doug is revealing the most frequently asked questions that he receives about automobiles.
Car CzarDoug has some very helpful advice for you before buying a used car.
Car Czar Pt. 2Doug is here to answer all of your Facebook questions.

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