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Selling Sacramento: Wine Master Guest Residence.Julissa toured the guest residence in Wilton on Wednesday morning.
Choose Your News!It's been a while, mainly because we had a go-round with the CBS censors (we kid, we kid), but Choose Your News (featuring John Dabkovich) returns! John gives Tina, Court, Cody and Dina two stories to choose from, they pick (cringing), and John presents the story they chose! Enjoy, and remember, they asked for this!
Question Of The Day - 7/28Tina (and some of her friends) are bringing us today's Question of the Day from the park! Tina wants to know: When are you shy? Everyone answers (just barely, we basically ran out of time), and then we're off to Drew at 11! Thanks for watching, see you tomorrow morning at 4:30!
Bad Bakers Donuts - Studio Delivery!We come back from the break to do the 10:30 news...but wait, LOR-Dash has come through yet again! We've got Bad Bakers donuts in the studio! Then the "grown-ups" music comes on, and things get a little...weird.
Free Self-Defense Classes - Tina Gets A Lesson!Learn some self-defense skills at an upcoming free class! Tina is in Sacramento getting a lesson from the Filipino American Law Enforcement Officers!
Choose The News - Here's The LeftoversLast hour, John let Cody, Court, Tina and Dina choose the news, now John's cleaning out the fridge with the stories you didn't see! Here's the leftovers!
Four Wheel you have a truck I can I can put one of THESE on the back of it! You don't need to buy an RV to have some camping fun! Robert Vogel, CEO of Four Wheel Campers, joins Dina to show us what you can put on the back of your pickup, and how much you can fit inside!
We Come Back From Break, And...This.We need to find SOME way for viewers to listen in during commercial breaks, because THAT would make a great show, even greater! It's Tangent Tuesday EVERY DAY with this bunch...

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