Show and TellCourtney and John show us cute furry friends and Mike Rowe in a barbershop quartet.
Court's TuneToday's theme on Court's Tune: 80's Hip Hop. John Dabkovich thinks he had it in the bad but director Marcus Woodfork decided to play and stole John's thunder.
Dapit AppJulissa is in Woodland with the creators of the "Dapit" app and they show us how you can buy gift cards while supporting local.
Localis Take-OutLori Wallace is at Localis in Sacramento showing us how you can have fine dining while getting it to go.
Homemade Pop TartsJulissa found a local baker that makes homemade pop tarts! Check out her scrumptious creation!
Little Free Seed BankLori is in Elk Grove showing us how a Elk Grovian started a free seed bank for plant enthusiasts.
Question of the DayToday's Question of the Day: What foods do you avoid so you don't get a tummy ache?
Healthy Snack TreatsJulissa talks to a popular blogger that shares a couple quick healthy snack treats.
Will It Air Fry Pt. 2Tina is air frying pizza in her air fryer. Will it cook correctly? Will it taste well? Watch this to find out.
Will It Air Fry?Tina used her Air Fryer to make pizza? Did it work?
Trivia ToastTest your knowledge with today's Trivia Toast. Today's topic: Planet Earth.
SacYard SundaysJulissa talked to the SacYard Sundays' event coordinator and asked what we can expect when socially distancing dining outdoors this weekend.
Genova BakeryGenova Bakery in Stockton showed us the tasty items they offer.
Face FitnessJohn talked to an author and face-fitness expert on how you can do facial exercises to maintain your youthful look.
Thanking Our Frontline Healthcare WorkersVito's Pizzeria in Turlock is part of the movement to celebrate our frontline healthcare workers.
Beware of Counterfeit Toys; Are the safe?Courtney talked to a toy expert who warns about the safety of counterfeit toys.
Honoring Our Frontline Healthcare WorkersA special program in Turlock is celebrating our frontline healthcare workers.
'Faithful' AppCourtney talked to the religious leader about how you can fulfill exercise your faith using this app.
7:10 ToastTime to toast, people! This one is for the ages: Tina did a sorority chant, Julissa had her mouth agape, and our lovely Tom the Engineer made a rare appearance!
Question of the DayToday's Question of the Day: What do you like to Dip Dip?
Fondue Part DeuxTina showed some creative ways to make fondue.
Sprucing Up Your PlaceCourtney talks to a local decorator and how you can spruce up your living space after the holidays.
Show and TellCourtney shows us a fashion model that happens to be a dog...what??
Getting Fancy with FondueTina is in Citrus Heights learning how to make Fondue! See how it's done and how you can be a part of it!

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