As we are all adjusting to a new normal of staying inside, some of us many be experiencing some unwanted anxiety about social distancing and the current state of the world. Amanda Gibson a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and owner of The Counseling Collab, here in Sacramento ( is joining us via Skype to share some helpful tips as we navigate the new normal.

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MTO Veteran Care PackagesSabrina Silva is with The M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi® School of Islamic Sufism®, a group of Sacramento volunteers marking the end of Ramadan by delivering hundreds of care packages to the America's Homeless Veterans in Rancho Cordova.
Tailored MasksThe ever-fabulous custom clothier of R. Douglas is now doing face masks. It's the 'it' accessory of the pandemic people! Courtney is talking to him to learn more about the fabulous masks!
Heretic To-Go CocktailsHeretic brewing in Fairfield has already morphed into a hand-sanitizer creator due to the pandemic, and now they are making to-go cocktails! Dina is getting the inside scoop on three ready-made cocktails and showing off the ingredients!
Secret Sign Maker…Signs!Take a look at these signs! They were made by Heather Fearn, a long time Sacramento resident and Medical Assistant in Kaiser's Pediatrics Specialties department in Roseville! She’s been putting them up in secret in hopes of making peoples day a little brighter!
#CIPSac Live DJ#Cipsac live continues this Friday with Soosh*e! We'll talk to the man behind the music and share details on how you can listen to the DJ set live this Friday! It's music with a purpose... Fans can support local restaurants during #CIPsac live by making donations! The fun continues every Friday this June, and the DJ or artist who raises the most money gets a guaranteed spot on the concerts in the park 2021 lineup!!
Secret Sign MakerHeather Fearn is a longtime Sacramento resident and Medical Assistant in Kaiser's Pediatrics Specialties department in Roseville. Over the last few months she's stepped up to be involved with the COVID team checking in patients in as they walk in and out of the building. She also secretly began creating unique and uplifting signs in hopes of brightening peoples day! Tina is talking with her to learn more about her secret mission.
Onit Coffee Celebrates SeniorsOnit coffee in Elk Grove is giving back to graduating Seniors by giving them a discount with any purchase they make. Sabrina Silva is there there to check out how they're executing the plan!
MoRestaurant CertifiedMorestaurant Certified: the city of Modesto is taking extra steps to ensure the safety of their dine-in guests and staff. Tina is talking with some representatives from the city and local restaurants to learn more about their plan!
Seniors in the Ocho 5/25/20 Pt 2Graduations have been cancelled all around the country, so we want to make sure your Seniors (high school or college) get a special shout-out on Good Day! Send your pictures in to, with the subject line “Seniors in the Ocho”.
Bling EntrepreneurDina Kupfer is talking to a young entrepreneur who is making a difference through giving back…and dancing!
Seniors in the Ocho 5/25/20Graduation celebrations have been cancelled all around the country, so we want to make sure your Seniors (high school or college) get a special shout-out on Good Day! Send your pictures in to, with the subject line “Seniors in the Ocho”.
COVID-19 SurvivorDina Kufper is live with a local man, Tom Norberg, who battled, and survived COVID-9.
Memorial Day DisplayA Modesto man honors his town's fallen heroes with a touching tribute on Memorial Day! Dan Joseph is a photographer by trade who's shot the funerals for many of these officers and service members. He is getting to know their families and likes to honor them today.
Loomis Memorial Day Pt 2Sabrina Silva is back in Loomis at the house of the guy who came up with the City’s Memorial Day initiative and how he's remembering the lives that we're lost to protect ours today!
Sing it to MeTina tests the host’s on their lyrical skills
Loomis Memorial DayThe city of Loomis is celebrating Memorial Day amidst the pandemic with their first ever "decorate your front yard/driveway and fly your flag day"! Sabrina Silva is live with the organization learning about how they’re making sure that soldiers are honored today!
Show & TellCody is showing us something cool.
Alan's Last DayAlan says, 'see you later' and thank you from his home with his wife and daughter.
Sabrina's New PetSabrina is introducing her new pet!
Spring AllergiesNatural Health Expert, Bryce Wylde wants to teach viewers that there are natural remedies besides harsh medications. Antihistamines often have many side effects, eye drops sting, and pills can give you "medicine head." Bryce will show off a number of visuals from his home studio and talk about the many things you can do to cut your exposure to allergens and even tame the body's allergic responses.
Paper AirplanesParents are looking for even more ideas to keep their kids occupied and model aviation just may be the perfect answer. The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) has put together several quick projects using materials folks probably already have at home, including how to build model planes, balloon rockets, kites and more. These activities are fun for all ages, educational and most importantly social distance safe. Ashley is talking to an expert and learning how to make some cool planes and rockets.
Quarantine Thank YouKate (age 10) and Maggie (age 8) have created a special stop-motion video with their Legos to say "thank you" to the essential workers of COVID-19.
Teen's Tunes Weekend: Dance SongsTina challenges the Good Day crew to another round of Teen's Tunes.
Online Theater PerformancesWhen schools shut down unexpectedly in March, Caitlin Knapp's Honors Advanced Children's Theatre class was left without a show to perform or an audience to watch it. Now, her class is planning performances of two shows, a virtual Children's musical by Beat by Beat press titled "The Show Must Go Online."

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