Tina and photographer Dave are headed out to deliver ornaments to some lucky viewers!

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CA Gov. Newsom Signs Bill To Pave The Way For US Slaves' Descendants To Receive ReparationsCalifornia will develop a detailed plan for granting reparations to Black Americans under a new law Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Wednesday.
Question of the Day 10/1/2020Question of the Day 10/1/2020
Wiki Who? 10/1/2020Wiki Who? 10/1/2020
Boy Band DraftIt's time for the Boy Band Draft!
Radio RoundupWe got an email from a viewer telling us how he could communicate across far distances by bouncing his signal to other radios, so we had to learn more.
Dina-I-Y, Part 2Dina-I-Y, Part 2
Show and Tell 10/1/2020Show and Tell 10/1/2020
Trivia Toast 10/1/2020Trivia Toast 10/1/2020
Dina-I-YThis class will have you making wall art to compliment any room in your house. Dina hangs out at The Verge Center for the Arts.
Placer Valley Eats - High-Hand NurseryLori Wallace goes to Loomis to check out the cafe at High-Hand Nursery.
Lose Weight, No ExerciseThere are ways to drop some pounds without strenuous exercise. Court talks with an expert.
24 Hour FitnessGyms are beginning to reopen, but things might be a little different. Ashley is at 24 Hour Fitness with a look at how they've refreshed their clubs.
Darling Aviary, Part 2Darling Aviary, Part 2
Flex Alert Doesn't Mean Flex Your MusclesAshley reminds us that a flex alert has nothing to do with hittin' the gym. It's all about conserving electricity.
Darling AviaryA new restaurant is opening this week on the K Street corridor. Julissa joins us from Darling Aviary.
World's Funniest AnimalsFunny animals are the best, and CW31's World's Funniest Animals has two new episodes this week. We get a preview.
Art ContestThe Placer County Sheriff's Department recently kicked off an art contest and the response was huge. Lori has the details, and a chat with the winner.
Fog Willow Farms, Part 2Fog Willow Farms, Part 2
OJ and NicoleA new "Investigation Discovery" documentary looks back at Nicole Brown Simpson's murder and the trial of OJ Simpson. John talks with someone very close to the case.
Fog Willow FarmsOctober is here so it's time for some fun at Fog Willow Farms!
Get AxedA brand new business is on the cutting edge of stress relief. Julissa went to Lincoln, where "Getting Axed" is a good thing.
Dave's Pumpkin PatchIf you're not already packing up the kids for a trip to the pumpkin patch, get ready for some inspiration! Lori is at Dave's Pumpkin Patch.
Question of the Day 9/30/2020Question of the Day 9/30/2020
What's It Worth?, Part 2This time, Court talks with Craig Small about pawn shop items.

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