Show & TellCody is showing us something cool.
Question of the Day Pt. 2Tina wants to know, what your favorite salad dressing is?
Local AuthorLocal writer, Mari Tzikas Suarez, published her first children's picture book, E-I-E-I-ART. She joined Cody in the studio with more on how this book gives kids an introduction to art history.
News of the Weird: Hotel Free if you ConceiveCody has your strange headlines.
Check This Out Pt. 2Whether it's Highlights' Guinness World Record Longest Hidden Pictures Puzzle Ever Puzzle or a HABA 3D arranging puzzle for toddlers, we'll show you how to properly celebrate National Puzzle Day!!
Check This OutToday is National Puzzle Day!! We found a slew of unique puzzle games to entice kids of all ages to properly celebrate National Puzzle Day
Sing It to MeTina challenges the Good Day crew’s lyrical skills in this week’s round of Sing it to Me.
Slap You with Science: Nasa New MissionCody is sharing some interesting science stories in today's "Slap you with Science!"
Question of the DayTina wants to know, if you entered a track meet, which event would you be in?
Show & TellCody is showing us something cool.
Law-LywoodCraig Ashton from Ashton & Price stops by to tell us about the latest celebrity legal entanglements happening now.
Check this OutThe hosts are introducing us to Babaste -- the ingenious accessory every new mommy toolbox needs this year!
Financial AdviceWe’re in the studio with Julie Hassna and Hannah Shakin getting some tips on how you can get your finances together in 2020!
Trivia ToastCourt is testing the hosts' knowledge on bugs!
Question of the DayTina wants to know, what was your favorite grade in elementary school?
Show & TellCody is showing us something cool.
Question of the Day Pt. 2Tina wants to know, Your favorite dinner; meal includes?
Fashion ForumThe Grammy Awards were last night so you know what that means! We're getting judgy for the red carpet!
Marshall Harris on Kobe Bryant’s LegacyCBS Sports Director Marshall Harris is in studio to talk about Kobe Bryant and his stunning career achievements.
Under The Jello MoldA one-woman show "Under The Jello Mold," is returning to The Sofia in early February for a special show. Courtney is finding out more!
Did It Happen in Florida?It’s the new game show taking over the Good Day Studio, did these headline happen in Florida?
News of the Weird: Haggis Ice CreamCody has your strange headlines.
Dolly Parton Meme ChallengeThe Hosts are having some fun with the Dolly Parton Meme Challenge!
Sing it to MeTina challenges the Host’s on their lyrical skills.

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