Family Game Night IdeasSpice up your family game night with some new games! Lifestyle and parenting expert Amanda Mushro joins Cody with some great new games!
Anti-Pollution Beauty ProductsStart using products that protect your skin from environmental factors, you can find them easily! Ginger King from Grace Kingdom Beauty joins Courtney to show us!
New Belgium Brewery's "Torched Earth Ale"New Belgium Brewery is looking into the future, to see what beer might taste like if global climate change wreaks havoc on regular beer ingredients. Katie Wallace from New Belgium joins Cody to talk about "Torched Earth Ale," and John and Cody give it a taste!
"Quarantine Comix" Author Joins Us!We've ALL had a LOT to deal with during the pandemic, and some of us need some assurance that we're not alone feeling how we've been feeling. "Quarantine Comix" author Rachael Smith joins Cody to talk about her comic compilation, and how we can ALL relate!
New Children's Book "COVID Through The Eyes Of Children"A new children's book helps children understand the trying times of COVID-19. The author and illustrator of "COVID Through The Eyes Of Children" join Cody to talk about the book!
Will It Ice Cream? Let's Get Started...Tina has broken out the ice cream maker in the studio to find out Will...It...Ice Cream? Well of course it will, it's an ice cream maker, but let's hope the recipe is correct!
Question Of The Day - 6/15Courtney closes out Tuesday's show with a question: What were you really good at as a kid? Thanks for watching Good Day today, be sure to join us tomorrow morning bright and early at 4:30!
Wiki Who? - 6/15John's here with another edition of Wiki Who?, where Courtney and Julissa guess obscure facts from celebrities' Wikipedia pages? Today, it's an all-Stephen edition, Stephen Curry, Stephen King, and Stephen Colbert!
Question of the Day - 6/14Tina closes out a Monday show with her Question of the Day: What was the most physically challenging thing you've ever done? Everyone answers, and then the laughter goes a little longer after the show ends...have a great Monday everyone! See you back here tomorrow morning at 4:30!
Question of the Day / Dance Party Friday - 6/11We wrap up a Friday show with Court's Question of the Day: What's your favorite cereal? Everyone answers, and then we dance our way into the weekend! Thanks for joining us today, we appreciate you hanging out with us! Make sure to tune in tomorrow for Good Day Weekend, starting at 7!
Aloha Friday!Jordan has some more Pidgin phrases for Courtney and John to try out for Aloha Friday, and mayyybe dat babooze Jordan has been smokin' choke pakalolo and eatin' all da poke! Just watch the clip to find out...
Will It Griddle Goes Sideways...Tina continues to griddle the cheese taco shells, and John comes up with a new slogan for Good Day...
Wiki Who? - 6/8John brings us an all-Calvin edition of Wiki Who?, where Tina, Court and Darla try to guess a factoid about our Calvins! Play along with us!
Question of the Day / Friday Dance Party - 5/28We close out a Friday show with Court's Question of the Day: What are you grilling this weekend? Everyone answers, and then we dance our way into the weekend with a little Friday Dance Party! Thanks for joining us today, make sure you're back tomorrow morning at 7 for Good Day Weekend!
Choose The News! - 5/28John has once again exfoliated the soft underbelly of the news world to bring us Choose The News, Dina's playing along with us today!
Question of the Day - 5/27Courtney closes out a Thursday show with a question in honor of our little Pet of the Week, and the little ones we saw today at Antelope Meadows: What's big in a small package? Everyone answers (you KNOW what Dina's answer is!), and then we let Queen serenade us off to the Drew Barrymore show! Thanks for joining us this morning, see you tomorrow morning at 4:30!
Essense of LaplandEva Gunnare from Essense of Lapland joins Cody to tell us about the Lapland region of Sweden, and why you should think about them when planning your next getaway!
Question of the Day - 5/25Tina closes out an eventful Tuesday show with a question: When have you left an extra big tip?
Question of the Day - 5/17Tina closes out a Monday show with a question: I'm cheap when it comes to _________? Everyone answers, and then we're off to the Drew Barrymore Show at 11! Thanks for watching today, we appreciate you hanging out with us! See you tomorrow morning at 4:30!
Choose the News - The Leftovers! - 5/17Earlier, John brought us "Choose the News," and Tina, Cody and Court made their choices (and had to live with them). Now, John's back with the stories you didn't pick, "The Leftovers." Today's leftovers are...pretty good?
Choose the News! - 5/17John's always combing the fringes of the news of the day to bring you the unique and sometimes bizarre stories you might miss on all of those "mainstream" news outlets you follow. He brings them to us in what he calls "Choose the News." Today's edition borders on "News of the Weird," and the first story is not for the faint of heart...
Court's Fashion Forum, Part Deux! - 5/17, 10amCourt's back with Part Deux of her MTV Movie and TV Awards edition of Fashion Forum! LET'S (snap). GET (snap). JUDGY (snap).
Show and Tell - 5/17Courtney's here with today's Show and Tell! Today, we're featuring a former Good Day employee and Friend of the Show John Brantley! He owns ShopBrantley, and Court has some of the things you can get on his website!
...aaaand John took it THERE.It starts out with a goat named Tina, isn't it cute? And then John crossed some invisible line, and tried to take it back, and...nope. No taking that back. You'll just have to watch...

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