Portraits By J - Jordan "Paints" JohnJordan's at it again with the "Buddha Board," the erasable art board! He drew Tina over the weekend, now he gives John a shot...
Wiki Who? - 7/19John's here with today's edition of Wiki Who?, where he pulls obscure facts from the wikipedia pages of the famous (and sometimes not so famous). Today, it's an all-Jason edition!
Question of the Day / Friday Dance Party - 7/16Tina joins us from Baguette Up with today's Question of the Day: What baby advice do you have for Dina? Everyone answers, and then we dance our way into the weekend! Thanks for joining us today, be sure to tune in tomorrow morning at 7 for Good Day Weekend!
Dina's Big Announcement!Dina Kupfer has an announcement to make...she and her husband Robbie are expecting! Dina joins John and Cody on set to talk about their long journey to this happy place!
Aloha Friday - 7/16Jordan's here with this week's Aloha Friday! Today, Jordan gives us some advice on how to treat the animals you might encounter while on the islands, and also has some, let's say, interesting laws that are on the books in other countries!
Dina's Friday Freshies - Oh Baby, Do We Have News For You!Dina's here with...a July edition of Friday Freshies? OK, that was just a cover for THE BIGGEST AND BEST ANNOUNCEMENT from Dina and her husband Robbie...SHE"S GONNA HAVE A BABY! We're all so happy for them, congratulations from the whole Good Day family!
Question Of The Day - 7/15Courtney closes out a Throwback Thursday with the Question of the Day: What was your dream car as a kid?
Wiki Who? - 7/15John's here with another edition of Wiki Who?, today it's an all-Harry Potter edition! Unfortunately, John really knows nothing about the Potter-verse. Cody, Court, Jordan and Dina fill him in!
This One's Going on John's Resume...The last story of the 8:30 news segment started with John telling us about Boyz 2 Men coming to Stockton, and somehow ended with John riding Tina's stick horse...just watch so see how we got there!
Wiki Who? - 7/14John's here with another edition of Wiki Who? Today, his subjects all have the same birthday, can you guess which celebrity he's talking about?
Trying Court's Famous Mac and Cheese!Today is National Mac and Cheese Day, so Courtney brought in a dish of her world famous homemade mac and cheese! Everyone gives it a try...
TINA!Just hanging out in the traffic center, cutting some watermelon. What's the problem?
News Of The Weird - 7/13Cody's here with News of the Weird...wait a minute, his microphone died. Wait...OK, NOW Cody's here with News of the Weird!
Question of the Day - 7/12Tina closes out a Monday show with a question: What pets do you have?
Court's Fashion Forum - ESPY AwardsThe ESPY Awards were last weekend, so we get to get judgy on Monday! Court's here with Fashion Forum!
Question of the Day / Dance Party Friday - 7/9Court finishes out a Friday show with a question: It's weird, but try putting ___________ in the freezer! Everyone answers, and then we have a (very short) dance party to kick off the weekend! Thanks for joining us, we appreciate you hanging out with us today! Stay cool out there, and tune in tomorrow for Jordan and Tina on Good Day Weekend! We hear it'll be Christmas in July!
Aloha Friday - 7/9Jordan's here for Aloha Friday! Today, he's teaching Cody, Court and John some common Hawaiian phrases, so you don't look like such a haole when you visit (and we mean that in the best way possible)!
It's The 10:00 Hour On A Friday, What Were You Expecting?All our audio op Julian did was play a Michael McDonald song for a bump in, and John took it from there. It's only a 90 second clip, but we believe it captures the essence of the last hour of the work week.
Netflix Reviews, 9amTina and Ashley are doing their best Ebert and Roeper with some Netflix Reviews!
Dugout Mugs - Unique For the Baseball Fan!Drink out of a mug that's made from a baseball bat! Randall Thompson founder Randall Thompson joins Cody to show off this unique way to show off your favorite team!
Will It Ice Cream? Tina Gets It Started...Tina's back with her new ice cream maker, filling some time in the show to find out WILL...IT...ICE CREAM? Of course it will, it's an ice cream maker, right? Today, strawberry is the flavor of choice, Tina gets things churning!
"Outer" Video Game Creator Joins Us!Start life as a new planet and find out what the universe has in store for you in "Outer," a new video game created by local designer Zach Winn! He joins Courtney to tell us the story behind the game!
Family Game Night IdeasSpice up your family game night with some new games! Lifestyle and parenting expert Amanda Mushro joins Cody with some great new games!
Anti-Pollution Beauty ProductsStart using products that protect your skin from environmental factors, you can find them easily! Ginger King from Grace Kingdom Beauty joins Courtney to show us!

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