Earlier, Jordan (and to a lesser extent, Ashley) put together the crust for a (deep breath) no-bake peanut butter banana pie with Oreo cookie crust. That's quite a title. NOW, they put together the filling and Ashley's blender skills are on full display! Let's see the finished product! Happy National Pie Day everyone!

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Wiki Who? - 3/4John Dabkovich is BACK with another edition of Wiki Who?, where he scours wikipedia entries of the rich and/or famous to bring us nuggets of information in a quiz-show format! Today our subjects are Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, and Jerry O'Connell, who gets mistaken for Jason Bateman A LOT. Play along with us!
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Throwback Thursday With A Rare Birthday Nod from CodyIt is a Throwback Thursday, and we love to share your pictures you send us! In this last segment of the day, Cody and Courtney throw out a rarely seen Birthday Nod to Linda, thank you to Ellie Joy for sending the picture in!
Happy Birthday, Nature Boy!Good Day wishes a happy 72nd birthday to the the kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, son of a gun...the sixteen-time world champion, Nature Boy, Ric Flair! What's even funnier is watching Cody trying to read all of this without pre-reading it first...WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
The 10:00 Hour Goes Sideways...Again...What begins as a lovely bump shot of the California Coast with some Sea Shanty music turns into a discussion of Irish movies, and then...well, just keep watching. Welcome to the back half of the 10:00 hour, everyone! We've been here 6 hours!
Hey! It's National Chili Day!We celebrate National Chili Day the only way Good Day can...if you know, then you know.
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John's Hair NightmareJohn has been dying to tell this story since the 8:00 hour, and we managed to find a little Throwback Thursday time in the 10:00 hour to give him so he can tell us about his Bakersfield hair nightmare! He had to call out sick to work the next day, his hair was so bad...
Word Up Wednesday With Marshall Harris - The Word Is WHAT?CBS Sports Director Marshall Harris joins us every Wednesday for "Word Up Wednesday," where he introduces a word and has the anchors try to use it in a sentence. Today's word is...yeah, I'm not gonna try to spell that, it's on your screen.
John's Finally Had it...John thinks he puts up with a lot on a daily basis, but when Ashley transitioned from cute baby goats to a subtle dig at John, that was the last straw...
Dance Party Friday!We close out Friday with a Dance Party! Have a great weekend, everyone...thank you so much for watching! See you tomorrow morning at 7 for Good Day Weekend!
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