Community Yard Sale!In the Doyle Ranch community of West Roseville, 25 neighboring homes are participating in a community yard sale. Ashley Williams was there live to get a first hand sneak peak.
Working Out At HomeIf you haven't been back to the gym, there's a local trainer that's interested in helping getting you back on track. Taylor Peasha has tips on starting your fitness journey and how to stay on track with your goals.
We're Just CuriousWhat was your favorite toy as a kid?
CBS 13 AM News Update 9/26/20Here's your latest weather and news update from Jordan Segundo and Tina Macuha.
Question of the Day 9/25/2020Question of the Day 9/25/2020
Rover Comes Over!A loyal Good Day viewer has piqued our curiosity with two very well-placed hammocks, so Dave has a look for himself.
Johnnie's Jams 9/25/2020Johnnie's Jams 9/25/2020
Saha Float SpaA local spa is looking to help you find relaxation and float away from your worries.
Soiree In PlaceEnjoy a nice dinner for two while supporting a great cause! Dina shows us how.
Show and Tell 9/25/2020Show and Tell 9/25/2020
McFlurry BirthdayIt's the McFlurry's 25th Birthday and Director Jonathan Meris went to McDonald's in his New McFlurry suit and bought all flavors!
Easy Hair for KidsCody finds out some styling tips for kids!
Open Air DavisThe city of Davis is doing what they can to help businesses stay afloat during the pandemic. Julissa learns more about Open Air Davis.
McFlurry Birthday SuitIt's the McFlurry's 25th Birthday! See director Jonathan Meris walk across the street to Mcdonald's with his new McFlurry suit to buy a few McFlurries!
Out of the Darkness WalkThe Out of the Darkness Walk in Sacramento is going to look different this year, but the mission remains the same. Dina learns how the fundraiser is bring hope to those affected by suicide.
World Famous Hot BoysWhat started in a back yard has now become a booming business. Jordan heads to The World Famous Hot Boys for a look at what's on the menu.
Trivia Toast 9/25/2020Trivia Toast 9/25/2020
McFlurry Birthday Suit, Part 2Director Jonathan "Scissor Sticks" Meris delivers tasty treats in his new outfit!
Good Day Rewind 9/25/2020Good Day Rewind 9/25/2020
Flip Flop ShopsIf you like to show off your toes, there's a new shop in Old Sacramento that you might want to check out... Flip Flop Shops.
Breezy's BarbershopThere's anew barbershop in the East Sac/Midtown area, and you can get more than a haircut while you're there!
McFlurry Birthday SuitThe McDonald's McFlurry is turning 25 and the fast food chain is celebrating with some new attire. It's called The McFlurry Birthday Suit, and director Jonathan Meris decided to try one on get the cast and crew McFlurries!
Jasmine Cephas-JonesThis guest won an Emmy for best actress in a short form comedy or drama, and that put her in the record books. Cody talks with Jasmine Cephas-Jones.
GO Drive-Up TurlockThere's a new outdoor entertainment venue in Turlock that features movies, live concerts, and more. Cody finds out what's it's about.

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