FanPAWstic news with...Cody Stark?Uh oh, Cody is mowing on Tina's lawn...oh she gave him permission? OK, then. Cody is here with Tina's FanPAWstic News! Pandas, Yorkies, and Puggles? Oh my!
FanPAWstic News - 9/29If you couldn't get enough FanPAWstic news from Tina earlier, she's back with more, including a King Charles Spaniel named Bailey! Thanks to Lisa from Manteca for sending us the video!
FanPAWstic News, 9amIt's not fantastic. It's fanPAWstic!! Tina Macuha has some cute animal stories for your FanPAWstic News!
FanPAWstic News - 9/21Bet you never knew you could get a Halloween costume for your guinea pig, or meet a dog with more Instagram followers than Ashley Williams AND John Dabkovich! Tina's here with today's FanPAWstic news!
FanPAWstic News!Ninja cats and fluffy poodles!
Chef Charlie PalmerThere are plenty of virtual events you can check out in honor of California Wine Month. Tine learns more from a celebrity chef!
"Leading on Purpose" - Breaking the Glass CeilingA Bay Area author has released a book that inspires black women to break through barriers and get to the next level. Dr. Julianna Hynes, author of "Leading on Purpose," joins Courtney to give some insight on breaking through the glass ceiling.
FanPAWstic NewsTwo wolves are caught being lazy and a little critter has become famous for being quite an artist! Tina has your FanPAWstic News.
Public PianoPhotographer Dave Grasshoff found a cool public piano!
Doing GoodT2 Yan Chinese Cuisine is offering kids free lunch on Saturdays as a way to help the community during the pandemic.
FanPAWstic NewsTins has all your latest animal-related headlines!
Mask ComradesJulissa Ortiz was live with a group that call themselves the mask comrades. They get together every week to make masks to donate to the community & have made nearly 1000!
Doing Good: TacosA viewer told us about a valley man named Adrian Pineda who not only sells good food at his spot Primo’s Tacos BBQ & Grill, he has also been feeding the homeless during the SIP orders, and fed the graduating seniors at Riverbank High School's diploma pickup! Not only that, he is now assisting a local family raise funeral funds after losing a family member unexpectedly. Courtney is live with him!
FanPAWstic NewsTina has your animal cuteness for the day.
Seniors in the Ocho 4/24/20We know graduations are being cancelled all around the country, so we want to make sure your Seniors (high school or college) get a special shout-out on Good Day! Send your pictures in to, with the subject line “Seniors in the Ocho”.
FanPAWastc News: Kangaroo Hops down Empty AdelaideTina has your animal cuteness for the day.
Surgical Mask “Bands” DonationOne local business is doing their part to help healthcare workers! Their 3-D printer had been out in the workshop collecting sawdust for about a year, when they realized they had all the supplies to stay home but still help others in our community! Redwood Engraving business is going on 2 years now! They also make signs, bottle openers, cutting boards, and American Flags. Sabrina is in Lincoln with more!
Max has the ZoomiesLori’s dog Max is freshly groomed, and is feeling the need for speed! #zoomies
FanPAWstic NewsTina has your animal cuteness for the day.
FanPAWstic NewsTina has your animal cuteness for the day.
FanPAWstic NewsTina has your animal cuteness for the day.
FanPAWstic NewsTina has your animal cuteness for the day.
Doing Good: Yoga to Jump Start the DayNow & Zen Yoga in Lodi does an early risers class to help people get in a positive mindset for the day. Jaimie Vilinskas from Lodi Live has a preview of the class, and some stretches you can use to jump start your day from the comfort of your own home!
Little Rascals Photo ShootJaimie Vilinskas is in Lodi showing us how one woman has been doing a Little Rascals photo series with kids in the community.

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