Good Day Rewind - 4/30If you missed a funny moment on the show today, we've got you covered! Here's the Good Day Rewind!
<< Good Day Rewind <<Here's what you missed on today's show.
"Bar Rescue" on Paramount Network - Jon Taffer Joins Us!Season 8 of "Bar Rescue" on Paramount Network is set to kick off, and star Jon Taffer joins us to talk about what's coming up on the show!
Crank YankersJohn Dabkovich talks to Jimmy Kimmel's brother, Jonathan Kimmel, the Executive Producer and Director of Crank Yankers. He gives us a sneak peek of the upcoming Season 6, which debuts on May 5th on Comedy Central.
<< Good Day Rewind <<Here's what you missed on today's show.
Amber Nash!Cody talks to the star of "Archer", Amber Nash and her new role in "How to Ruin the Holidays". Did we mention she plays Maskerade too?
"Duff's Happy Fun Bake Time" on Discovery+The new Discovery+ show "Duff's Happy Fun Bake Time" has superstar baker Duff Goldman (with PUPPETS!) learning more about the science behind cooking! Duff and "Slater" join Cody and his pal "Gregory" to find out more about the show!
Good Day Rewind - 4/27Check all of today's goofiest moments!
Maskarades with Connie GiordanoConnie Giordano will next be seen with a large role as Patty DelRasso in the highly-anticipated limited drama series Mare of Easttown.
Good Day Rewind - 4/26Just in case you missed some of the funnier moments from today's show, here's the Good Day Rewind!
Oscars Recap with Kevin Frazier & Nischelle TurnerEntertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier & Nischelle Turner joined us live with highlights from the 93rd Academy Awards!
Good Day Rewind 4/23/2021Good Day Rewind 4/23/2021
Josefina LopezCody talks with someone who knows a thing or two about live theater and the impacts of the bill that will have everyone getting involved.
Good Day Rewind 4/22/2021Good Day Rewind 4/22/2021
Maskarades - Alondra DelgadoAlondra Delgado plays another round of Maskarades with us!
Good Day Rewind 4/21/2021Good Day Rewind 4/21/2021
Good Day Rewind - 4/19Check all the action from today's show!
Alice CooperCody Stark talks with the legendary Alice Cooper about his new garage band competition.
Sidebar with Del Rio & CarawayHere's today's Sidebar
Emery KellyHe's a music and TV star, and he's making an appearance on a new Disney+ series that's streaming today. Cody talks with Emery Kelly.
Good Day RewindGood Day Rewind
"Black Ink Crew" star Ceaser Emanuel Joins Us!VH1's "Black Ink Crew" is back for another season, and shooting the show was definitely difficult with the pandemic. Ceaser Emanuel joins John to talk about what's in store for this new season!
<< Good Day Rewind <<Here's what you missed on today's show!
Magnum P.I.Jordan talks to the stars of CBS' show "Magnum P.I. and they give us a preview of the season finale!

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