A Folsom bar is offering highly sought-after bourbons for their members. Ashley Williams is at Back Bourbon Bar to find out more!

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Superbum Plant Co.Lori Wallace is in East Sacramento at the new Superbum Plant Co. See what cool plants they have for you to take home!
"The Little Ouch" BookCody talks to the author of "The Little Ouch" book and we find out what inspired her to write this wonderful book!
Cider Taphouse & EateryJulissa Ortiz is in Sacramento at the Cider Taphouse & Eatery giving us a preview of their most delicious beverages. See what you have when you head over there!
Sac Library Summer Explorer ProgramWe're talking to the Sacramento Public Library where they're giving us a preview of their Summer Explorer Program. See what fun activities they have for your kiddos!
Court's Tune.
New Family Friendly Games 8amIMPROVE FAMILY GAME NIGHT
Mulligan: The Golf Card GameJulissa Ortiz is in Rocklin with a pair of local golfers that saw the need and created a golf card game. Meet the creators of Mulligan: The Golf Card Game and learn how to play it!
Elk Grove Old Town PlazaWith the pandemic closing down many places, Elk Grove Old Town Plaza if finally opening! Lori Wallace (Ms. Elk Grove) is at Elk Grove's Old Town Plaza. See what fun activities they're going to have there!
Dad Joke of the DayCheck out today's Dad Joke of the Day
Boston Marathon Fundraiser For Local RunnerAshley Williams is in West Sacramento where a local runner is having a fundraiser to race at the Boston Marathon. See how you can contribute to help get our local runner to Boston!
Car Crashes Into Street Sweeper In SacramentoIt's unclear if anyone was injured.
WIKIWho?In today's edition of "Wikiwho?", John Dabkovich selects these birthday folks: Tom Brady, Martha Stewart, James Hetfield. Do you know these little factoids about them?
Question of the Day - 8/3If your last name was an animal, what would it be? (Speed Round)
Johnnie's Jams Featuring Director Jonathan MerisBecause it's the GOAT's birthday (Tom Brady), Director Jonathan Meris selects #1 songs during the years Brady won Super Bowls. Do you know these songs?
News of the Weird - 8/3We put together the weirdest stories we could find and called it NEWS OF THE WEIRD!
Ikeda'sIkeda's (pronounced Eh-keh-dahs) has been around for many years and now the grandchildren are involved in running this market & pie shop. Original store is in Auburn and their other shop is in Davis. It's been many years since Tina has been there. Time to check out what might be different - or not.
Radi-Cal JewelryCallie Wirth is a self-taught metalsmith. She started her business after making jewelry for coworkers when (they all lost our jobs due to covid). Someone shared it on Instagram and people started to ask her to make them jewelry as well, and here we are! She works with sterling silver, 14k gold filled and brass. Living the absolute dream!
Hollywood Headlines - 8/3Courtney Dempsey has your entertainment news in today's Hollywood Headlines!
Good Day Rewind - 8/3Here are all the wacky moments you missed on today's show!
Tangent Tuesday: Dina RapsDina was challenged to freestyle rap!
Fighting Fido's BluesWe talk to our resident Petrendologist about keeping your doggy happy and uplifting their spirits. See how you can keep your dog happy.

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