A local artist is at it again, using his talent to help firefighters who are battling fires across the state.

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Friday Dance Party - 10/30We dance our way into the weekend with a little George Benson "On Broadway," thanks for watching and make sure to catch the weekend show!
Question of the Day - 10/30Court has today's question, fill-in-the-blank style. Please don't put _______ in my trick-or-treat bag! Everyone has opinions, especially John!
A REAL Broadway Star Judges our Costumes!We've had a lot of fun dressing up Broadway style for our Halloween show today, and it's only fitting we get a REAL LIFE Broadway star to get all judgey on us! Tony Award winning Broadway actress Stephanie J. Brock joins Cody to talk about Broadway being shut down, it's future, and to declare a winner in our costume contest!
Halloween Candy DistributionSee how you and your kids can still get candy for Halloween without Trick-O-Treating and while staying safe and social distancing in Stockton.
Halloween House in SacramentoWe asked to see your creepy Halloween creations and boy, have you delivered! "Photographer of the Opera" Dave Grashoff is at Craig Seher's Sacramento home to show off their "Carn-evil" in the front yard!
State Fair Food Festival To-GoSee how you can still get delicious State Fair Food to go since we all missed out on it this past summer.
Happy Halloween - We Finally See John's Costume!He's done being Mr. Serious News Person, so now John can dress up for the last 15 minutes of the show! It's...a little underwhelming, but an A for effort, right? Right?
Stockton Food Truck ParkCheck out the Stockton Food Truck Park happening this weekend at Stocklandia.
Spin Gift ShopDina is in Roseville at Spin Gift Shop to give us a sneak peek at what they have.
Scary Halloween PicturesCody talks to a local photographer about creating scary Halloween pictures.
Time Change Home SecurityWe're changing our clocks this weekend, but there's a lot of "smart" stuff around your house that might need changing as well! Home improvement and lifestyle expert Kathryn Gallagher joins Courtney to tell us about some things you might have overlooked with the time change.
Zoo SnoodsCheck out these cool pet products for your furry friends from Zoo Snoods
Stocklandia - Food Trucks in StocktonWe can't preview a food truck party without getting a taste of the goods! Veronica and Kenneth from "Stocklandia" join Cody and Court to tell us about their new business, and when you can come by to check out all the food trucks!
Trivia ToastHalloween Trivia! Do you know it?
Spin - Pop-Up Gift Shop in RosevilleA pop-up gift shop is showcasing unique items from local artisans every Saturday to show support for local business during the pandemic. "Lil' Orphan" Dina is showing us around!
Good Day RewindHere's what you missed on today's show
Good Day Cast Costume RevealSee the GDS cast's costume reveal...presenting: Photographer Dave Grashoff as the Phantom of the Opera!
Show and Tell - 10/30Cody brings us today's Show and Tell...it's a student-made video by one of Mrs. Stark's students! What a great Halloween video!
United Paleteria in MantecaIf you're in the mood for a delicious treat, we've got you covered! United Paleteria in Manteca has a little something for everyone, and Cynthia Garcia joins Court and Cody to show us around!
Mary Gutzi - Broadway Star!She's performed on Broadway in shows like "Les Miserables", "Ragtime", and the U.S. touring production of "Cats." Mary Gutzi joins Jordan to class this place up, and teach us how to move and act like cats!
Choose Your News: The LeftoversWe don't like good news stories to go to waste, so John is back with the leftovers from Choose Your News!
New in the Neighborhood - Blossom Bath HouseThere's a brand new shop in Old Sacramento that specializes in unique handmade cosmetics. Julissa Ortiz is at Blossom Bath House showing us around!
Halloween House in RosevilleThere's a spoooooky house in Roseville that's offering plenty of outdoor Halloween fun! Ashley Williams is there with the homeowner, Mark Baumgartner, to show us around!
Fall Back Fun!We're Falling Back this weekend, and that means it's gonna get dark earlier! Chris Byrne, The Toy Guy, joins Court to tell us about a bunch of games that will keep those kiddos (and you) occupied!

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