Courtney is in the studio with Mia Syn learning about some healthy stocking stuffer alternatives to replace candies and sweets.

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Meet The Sloths at the Sacramento ZooWe're at the Sacramento Zoo and this is your chance to meet the Sloths! See these awesome creatures as the Sacramento Zoo this weekend!
The Grad "Walk"Tina "The Tutor" Macuha is with a local high school grad and Tina is showing her how to "walk" during the graduation ceremony. See how well the tutor helps this student accept her diploma.
Manzanita BakehouseDo you like bread? Molly Riehl is at the Manzanita Bakehouse and they have an array of bread for you! See what flavors will tickly your fancy.
Trivia ToastCheck out today's Trivia Toast
Healing Through HorsesDina Kupfer is in Granite Bay at Hearts Landing Ranch. See how these horses can help those in need of positive mental health.
She Bougie PicnicsWe talk to the owner of She Bougie Picnics where she brings picnics and glamping to you! See how you can enjoy the outdoor life of camping without leaving your home.
Sacramento County Public Health Investigating 'Likely' Travel-Related Case of MonkeypoxDetails here: Sacramento County public health officials say they are investigating a probable travel-related case of the monkeypox virus. The likely case – which would be California’s first – was announced by public health officials on Tuesday.
Garden of the HillsAre you fascinated with plants? We're in El Dorado Hills giving you a sneak peek at the Garden of the Hill event this weekend. Check out these luscious plants for you to see.
Dancing Kid at School!This kid got moves! Check out this local kid that dances in front of school greeting everyone as they pull into the school!
DJOTDCheck out today's DJOTD
Fowler Ranch Farmer's MarketsDo you like fruits and veggies? Molly Riehl is at Fowler Ranch and she's giving us a sneak peek at their Farmer's Market and what it takes to get the fruits and veggies to you.
Question of the Day - 5/23Weekend Highlights!
WalletBeJim Dimataris will demonstrate the Passport Wallet and Front Pocket Wallets (prevents pick-pockets). This would include a brief demonstration to show how it solves the problem or makes travel a little easier.
Gypsy Cowgirl Kitchen, Pt. 2Gypsy Cowgirl Kitchen's Bambi Porter teaches us to make Strawberry Basil. Put it on a salad!
Solano Mudcats Summer Collegiate BaseballSolano Mudcats Summer Collegiate Baseball Team acquires players from all over the US, and they are looking for host families!
Yachtly CrewY'all ready to rock (softly)?! Yachtley Crew is the premier yacht rock band and they will be in Roseville this Friday!
Gypsy Cowgirl KitchenGypsy Cowgirl Kitchen's Bambi Porter teaches us to make vinegar drinks!
Good Day Rewind - 5/23Check out all the silliness you may have missed!
Raising Cane'sDo you like chicken fingers? We have the place for you! Dina Kupfer is in Vacaville at the new Raising Cane's and they have the most delicious chicken fingers! Check them out!
Capay MillsDo you like bread? Molly Riehl is at Capay Mills where they have the flour that makes bread! See how you can be educated in bread and flour to experience the most tasty bread!
Teen's Tune - 5/23Music from 1979!
Fruits at The Pit StopDo you like fruit? Lori Wallace is in Citrus Heights at The Pit Stop and they have ALL the fruit you need! See what sweet fruits you can buy at this establishment.
RhymosaursRhymosaurs is a kids book series that blends dinosaurs and hip-hop to teach life lessons. Every print copy comes with a black & white section in the back called the "Graffiti Spot". This allows children to color the pages and remix the rhymes to create their own story!
Woodland 21st Annual Car Show & CruiseGet ready for the Woodland Street Cruisers 21st Annual Car Show & Cruise! This year, the show is featuring all make, all models, all years -- so dust off your ride, shine those wheels, and show off your ride!

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