Two local chefs treat Marianne to lobster and shrimp rolls.

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Question of the Day Pt. 2Courtney wants to know, how did you keep busy as a kid?
iSound Performing ArtsA teen shot and killed in 2015 was the catalyst for a father to start a performing arts academy, his hope is that children in his neighborhood will have structure and a place to fuel their creative talents instead of facing gangs, violence and bullying. Courtney is finding out more.
Just Enough Sports: Wildcard Game of the WeekCody is here to tell us some interesting stories that are happening in the sports world.
Trivia Toast Pt. 2Court is testing the hosts knowledge on apples!
Lindhurst H.S. Pumpkin Patch Pt. 2Sabrina Silva has more with some of the Lindhurst high school students and their homegrown pumpkins!
Down Syndrome AwarenessJamie Vilinskas is back to talk about the upcoming National Buddy Walk on 10/19 to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness!
The Feathered Nest Pt. 2Lori Wallace has more from the Feathered Nest in Loomis!
Red White and Blue Concert EventThe first Red White & Blue free concert was 5 years ago, Cody Stark is finding out more about the annual event for the troops!
Pumpkin Spiked Festival Pt. 2Ashley Williams has more from Dave's Pumpkin Patch and the upcoming celebration!
Machado Apple Barn Pt. 2Dina Kupfer has more from Machado Apple Barn on the upcoming Apple Fest!
Lindhurst H.S. Pumpkin PatchA local high school is putting on their own pumpkin festival!!! Lindhurst high school students grew their own pumpkins and put together their own festival for local kids! Sabrina Silva is checking it out!
Machado Apple BarnApple Fest is October 19th! So Dina Kupfer is getting a preview of Machado's yummy pies, and seeing how they are made!
The Feathered NestThink farmhouse chic and so much more! This store in Loomis has EVERYTHING and Lori Wallace is meeting the three ladies behind all the fabulous!
Pet of the Week: EddieThis cute animal is up for adoption and needs a forever home.
Pumpkin Spiked FestivalDave's Pumpkin Patch has been creating memories for families all over the Sacramento area for 30 years and this weekend, they are hosting a major party to toast to three decades! Ashley Williams is checking out the fun!
Court's Tunes: Songs that start with the Letter KCourtney challenges the Good Day crew to another round of Court's Tunes.
Just Enough Sports: Kings HighlightsCody is here to tell us some interesting stories that are happening in the sports world.
Tractors & BrewsThe California Agriculture Museum is hosting its 5th annual "Tractors & Brews" fundraiser this weekend and Sabrina Silva is headed out there to check it all out before the event kicks off this weekend.
Just Enough Sports: Buddy Hield and more!Cody is here to tell us some interesting stories that are happening in the sports world.
Stockton Kings Announcement!Cody and Marshall are ready for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! They are talking with Deuce Mason & Morgan Ragan who will make the announcement!
BunblingCourtney is finding out more about a young competitive gymnast who created a jewelry line that first started with all the craft gifts she received then turned into the invention of Bunbling!
World Food Hunger Food DriveIt's World Food Day and Sabrina Silva wanted to spend it with the people that are working day in and day out to put food on the table of those who don't have the means. She is live at Trinity Presbyterian Church of West Sacramento as volunteers fill up bags of groceries to be passed out tonight!
Sutter Middle School GardenSutter Middle School's garden program is alive, thriving and completely led by the students. Ashley Williams is there to learn more about the program.
Dad Joke of the Day: FishCody is here with a joke to make your kids laugh (or groan) at breakfast this morning.

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