CHP Officers Stop Fairfield Sideshow That Assembled Right Off I-80California Highway Patrol officers worked quickly to stop a sideshow that was happening right next to Interstate 80 near Fairfield.
132 Citations, 21 Cars Towed In Weekend Stockton Crackdown On SideshowsLaw enforcement officers are cracking down on illegal sideshows in San Joaquin County.
Increasing Numbers Of Sideshows Have Police On AlertSideshows are a growing problem on California roads and are also causing continuous concern during the pandemic.
Sideshow Activity Involving Approx. 150 Cars Results In 4 Arrests, Collision With CHP CarSideshow activity involving approximately 150 cars in South Sacramento resulted in four arrests and a collision with a California Highway Patrol vehicle, authorities said.
Video Of Sideshow On Bay Bridge Leads To ArrestBefore the incident, the CHP received multiple calls of cars engaged in sideshow activity in the Oakland area.
CHP: 10 Cars Impounded After Sacramento-Area SideshowsA series of sideshows on Sacramento-area roads resulted in 10 cars being impounded over the weekend, authorities say. 
Huge Sideshow Closes Down Freeway In The Sacramento AreaThere were two sideshows a few hours apart — The first sideshow took place on Highway 50, near Stockton Boulevard; the second, the other side of town in South Sacramento.
Stockton Police Shut Down Sideshow Before It Ever StartedStockton police and CHP officers shut down a sideshow before it began Saturday night. Stockton Police say there were more than 200 participants who showed up for what they believed was going to be a sideshow only to be ticketed and some towed away from the scene.