What Would It Take To Move Sacramento Zoo To Sleep Train Arena Site?The grand plan would bring wildlife to the Sleep Train site in the form of a safari-themed wildlife center.
Bongo Calf 'Taylor Swift' Escaped Enclosure At Sacramento Zoo, Prompting EvacuationsJust recently, a report by the association of zoos and aquariums said many of the Sacramento Zoo's exhibits were small and outdated. 
Sacramento Zoo Looking For Bigger Location Where It Can ExpandAfter 91 years in Land Park, the Sacramento Zoo is looking for a new home. But Zoo officials say the only way to house more animals is to find a bigger location.
First Look Inside The Enclosure: Coconut The Snow LeopardCoconut is now in physical therapy and doing much better.
The Sacramento Zoo's Snow Leopard Cub 'Coconut' Makes His Exhibit DebutThe 15-week-old cub was born at the zoo in May and has been receiving physical therapy for his out-turned rear legs.
Red Panda Being Hand-Raised At Sacramento Zoo Dies From PneumoniaThe 3-week-old red panda cub being hand-raised by Sacramento Zoo zookeepers died early Monday morning from pneumonia.
Major Renovations Planned At Sacramento ZooChanges are coming to the Sacramento Zoo.
Red Panda Cub Born At Sacramento Zoo Must Be Hand-Raised Due To Maternal NeglectIt's a girl! A red panda cub was born on Monday at the Sacramento Zoo.
Snow Leopard Cub At Sacramento Zoo Undergoing Physical TherapyThe snow leopard cub born at the Sacramento Zoo is undergoing physical therapy to help him with several birth defects.
Sacramento Zoo Welcomes Snow Leopard CubThere is a baby snow leopard at the Sacramento Zoo!
Snow Leopard At Sacramento Zoo Is PregnantMisha, the 4-year-old snow leopard at the Sacramento Zoo, is pregnant