Pres. Trump Declares Primaries Delivered 'Great Night' For RepublicansWith the prospect of a "blue wave" in the November elections, Republicans and Democrats appeared to have escaped embarrassment Wednesday after primaries across eight states.
Trump Asserts Right To Pardon Himself In 'Unconstitutional' InvestigationPresident Donald Trump asserted Monday that he has the right to pardon himself but suggested that he won't use that power, adding that the special counsel investigation is "unconstitutional."
Pres. Trump Considers Pardoning Martha Stewart, Commuting Blago’s SentencePresident Donald Trump says he is considering commuting the sentence of ex-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and pardoning Martha Stewart.
Newly Passed House Bill Would OK The President's Military ParadeThe House of Representatives voted Thursday to reauthorize funds for the military Thursday -- a massive bill that greenlights a base budget of roughly $640 billion for national defense in the next fiscal year.
Pro-Trump Billboard Tells Liberals To Arm ThemselvesA pro-Trump billboard in Maryland is warning liberals to arm themselves if they try to impeach the President.
Trump Acknowledges Payment To Porn Star Stormy Daniels; Denies Using Campaign FundsPresident Donald Trump is shifting his story about the Stormy Daniels controversy following the revelation by his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, that the President reimbursed a payment to the adult film actress by Michael Cohen.
Shania Twain Says She Would Have Voted For Pres. Trump Then ApologizesShania Twain has apologized for saying if she were American she would have voted for Donald Trump for president, even though he’s offensive. Twain made the comments in an interview with The Guardian that was published over the weekend.
US Launches Strikes Against Targets Associated With Syria's Chemical Weapons ProgramPresident Donald Trump says the United States has "launched precision strikes" on targets associated with Syrian chemical weapons program.