Former Reagan Staff Member Gives Inside Look At Potential COVID Panic In White HouseThe confusion and panic of what those in the White House may be feeling at this very moment are familiar for Doug Elmets, an assistant press secretary to former President Ronald Reagan when he was shot in 1981.
Nation Divided Over President Trump’s COVID-19 DiagnosisThe president’s coronavirus diagnosis comes at an explosive time politically. With an election and Supreme Court nomination on the line, emotions are running high.
Trump Rally Held Saturday At State Capitol In SacramentoA rally for President Donald Trump happened Saturday at the California State Capitol in Sacramento.
Group Protests CHP After Encounter With Trump ProtesterProtesters hit the streets again Thursday offering up a very different account of what went down Monday during an anti-Trump protest during the president’s stop at McClellan Park.
White House Staff Members Reportedly Test Positive For COVID Less Than 48 Hours After President Donald Trump Visited SacramentoLess than 48 hours after President Trump visited Sacramento, multiple White House staff members reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.
Natural Resources Secretary Has 'No Regrets' Over Climate Change Exchange With Pres. TrumpOne day after the tense exchange during a wildfire briefing, California's Natural Resources Secretary Wade Crowfoot says he's glad it hit a nerve. 
Search For 22 People Missing In Western Wildfires Too DangerousThe huge wildfires torching much of three states have already claimed 36 lives. Now, friends and families worry about 22 people missing as infernos in rural Oregon make it too dangerous to search for them.
Trump Reignites Climate Debate In Sacramento Visit, Experts Say Wildfire Causes Are ComplexThe debate over who and what is responsible for wildfires in our area can easily become political, but the answer is not a simple one. Experts say there is not just one factor leading to the devastating firestorms.
Easing Fires Not As Simple As Climate Change Vs. Forest WorkDeadly West Coast wildfires are dividing President Donald Trump and the states' Democratic leaders over how to prevent blazes from becoming more frequent and destructive, but scientists and others on the front lines say it's not as simple as blaming either climate change or the way land is managed.
Pres. Trump Visits Sacramento For California Wildfire BriefingPresident Donald Trump touched down in Air Force One Monday morning at McClellan Park amid California's historic wildfire season.
Prepping For The President: Mixed Reaction From Sacramentans On Federal Response To Fires“I don’t expect there to be any sympathy from this administration. Are you kidding me?"