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Manly Minute: How to Get that Second DateIn today's Manly Minute, Ken is telling you how you can get that second date.
Wedding-Planning Advice For Mid-Life BridesPlanning a wedding is different when you are in the older stages of your life. Marianne talked with an expert who offered advice about what you should know about before tying the knot.
Manly Minute: That's Not RomanticMen have been brainwashed by soap operas and romantic comedies to believe that many of the things on this list are wildly romantic and therefore irresistible to all women. Slow down their turbo. Here are the 5 things on this list are not nearly as romantic as you think.
Heart Or Love Emoji Named Top 'Word' Of 2014The top word of 2014 has been announced, and it’s not even a word.
Is She A Home Wrecker?A website that gets back at women who cheat is gaining popularity. It's called <a href=""></a>. And if you're heart's been broken, you may already have seen it.
Defending Ben as Batman
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Expecting? Not So Fast…
Katy Perry Is John Mayer’s 'Teenage Dream'
Best Spring Beauty Tips And Trends From A Sacramento Beauty GuruAwaken to the possibilities of spring with these insider tips for a beautiful you.
Show Information - Feb. 11, 2013Are there secrets to a happy marriage or partnership? Marianne shows some tips that happy couples share. "Manopause." Ever heard of it? We'll introduce you to this physiological change that reportedly comes over men, and how to handle it. Melissa Cabral shows you some items that you should buy at Costco, and others you should get at a grocery store.