Board Approved Fishing Moratorium At Elk Grove ParkThe Consumnes Community Services District has voted to temporarily ban fishing at Elk Grove Park.
More Water To Save Salmon Draws Protest From California FarmersHundreds of California farmers are protesting a plan by state water officials to increase water flows in a major California river and its tributaries.
Department Of Fish And Wildlife Announces Free Fishing DaysDo you want to try fishing, but don't want to shell out the $15 for a one-day sport fishing permit?
Anglers Applaud Bill To Change California Fishing LicensesCalifornia is looking to reel in the money when it comes to those hooked on fishing. The state sells licenses that expire at the end of the year -- no matter when you buy it. But a new bill passed by the Senate could change all that.
'Let’s Go Fishing' CompetitionThe Good Day players went head to head this morning in a toy fishing contest.
Manly Minute: 5 Tips for Kids and FishingDaily Connection Traditions are the small things you do every day to reinforce family identity and values.
Dolphin Jumps Onto Boat In Southern California Injuring WomanA dolphin leaped onto a boat in Southern California, crashing into a woman and breaking both her ankles.
Show Information - July 13, 2012Happy Friday! Unfortunately, it's Friday the 13th. But never fear, today we'll show you how to be lucky on this unlucky day. And we're taking a ride on the zip line at the California State Fair. Plus, Melissa checks out guns, fishing and other stuff. Be safe, Crazy Cabral!
Sig Hansen