PG&E: Contra Costa County Customers Won't Face Rotating Power Outages TonightGood news: PG&E customers in the Contra Costa area can finish their evening routine with the lights on tonight. 
Heat Wave Drives Up Crowds, Strains California's Power GridCalifornians packed beaches, lakes and recreation areas Sunday to seek relief from a record heatwave that strained the electricity grid and threatened to trigger a third round of rolling power outages.
PG&E: Wind Gusts Will Continue, Prolonging Threat Of Power OutagesThousands of PG&E customers have been left without power, and the utility warns more power outages could result from high winds that are expected to persist overnight.
Debris In Power Lines Knocks Out Power To Thousands Of SMUD Customers In Sacramento CountyA massive power outage in parts of Sacramento and Sacramento County that left thousands in the dark Monday has been fixed. 
PG&E Rates Increasing In OctoberStarting next month, PG&E customers will see their bills go up.
PG&E Notifying Customers In Northern California Of Possible Power Shut-OffsHigh fire danger in northern California has prompted PG&E to notify about 70,000 customers about possible outages. In a statement Thursday, it says it may proactively turn off power in order to avoid the threat of wildfires from sparking power lines.
SMUD To Introduce New 'Time-Of-Day' Rate By Next SummerSMUD rates are going up by next summer with a new "time-of-day" rate.
Gov. Brown Signs Historic Green Energy BillCalifornia has set a goal of phasing out fossil fuels from the state's electricity sector by 2045 under legislation signed Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown.
Tree Crashes Through Roof Of Citrus Heights HomeA homeowner in Citrus Heights has a big mess to clean up after an oak tree crashed into her home.
Broadway Show Patron Tries To Recharge Phone Using Onstage OutletThere's loud talking, snoring and, of course, phones ringing. But theater etiquette might have taken a turn for the bizarre on Broadway last week with a dead cellphone.
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