CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Arson Suspect Caught On Camera, ArrestedA man was caught on camera dropping a smoking object at a home in the Parkway neighborhood of South Sacramento. 
Caught On Camera: Thief Chops & Steals Dozens Of RosesA Lodi woman says she has been hit twice now by the same thief and wants it to stop.
Neighbors Complain Of A Pooping Jogger in LodiNeighbors in Lodi are shocked to hear about a jogger who used her neighbor's lawn as her personal bathroom early Saturday morning. 
Caught On Camera: French Bulldog Puppy Stolen In Broad DaylightIt was a brazen theft that happened in broad daylight in front of witnesses.
Caught On Camera: Man Pretends To Rob Store, Then Turns Around And Actually Robs ItA bizarre crime was caught on camera in Modesto. Officers said a man pretended to rob a store, then seconds later, he really did. 
Sheep Shenanigans Overwhelm Family In Lincoln BackyardSheep filed into a Lincoln backyard through an open gate, surprising a family.
Masked Thief Caught On Camera Stealing Ring Doorbell CameraA terrifying man in a black mask, armed with a screwdriver, was caught on camera walking up to a home in Elk Grove stealing cameras.
Code Enforcement Officer On Administrative Leave After Swearing At WomanA Yuba County code enforcement officer is on administrative after he was caught on video swearing at a woman about her RV. 
Caught On Camera: Man Douses Neighbor’s Porch With Diesel And Tries To Set It On FireStockton police arrested 38-year-old Cuong Pham for Arson among multiple attempted murder charges.
Caught On Camera: Dogs Catch Suspect Sleeping In BoatA Tracy Woman credits her dogs and cell phone for helping locate and capture a man who broke into her garage and hid inside a boat.
Caught On Camera: Victim Dragged Through Living Room In Home InvasionThe South Sacramento family is speaking out in hopes of catching a third suspect in their home invasion.