Full List: Smoky Air Prompts Several Colleges And School Districts To CloseMany local school districts and college campuses have closed because of the air quality. 
Officials Warn Generic Masks Can Do More Harm Than Good In Protecting LungsWhile Sacramento Health County officials urge people to stay away from generic masks, If you are near the fire, the mask may be necessary.
Authorities Asking For DNA Samples From Relatives Of The Dozens Missing In Camp FireHundreds of rescue personnel dressed in white overalls are sifting through smoldering rubble and mangled cars, searching for the remains of the victims of California's deadliest wildfire.
Thousands Of Students Left Without School After Devastating Camp FireOn Wednesday state and local educators gathered to come up with a plan on how students and staff will move forward.
Don't Forget Your Mask: Drifting Smoke Causing Health Concerns in SacramentoIt’s been a week since the Camp Fire began and drifting smoke is bringing health concerns to the valley. Medical professionals say continued exposure to the smoke can be dangerous.
'We Are Really Going To Die Now:' Crews Save Mother After C-Section Through InfernoIn a story of survival, emergency crews and medical professionals fought with everything they had to save themselves and their patients.
CalOES Sets Up Massive Operation To Provide Camp Fire Disaster ReliefThe Camp Fire Disaster Recovery Center is set to open Friday. People who need to sign up for any kind of help, ranging from FEMA aid to a new driver’s license, go there for help.
Officer Patrolling For Camp Fire Looters Finds, Feeds Chickens Left BehindOfficers are doing all they can to protect all lives in after the Camp Fire - even some of the smallest ones.