Cal Expo Seeks Legalized Sports Wagering To Help With Money TroubleGambling on sports could be allowed in California as soon as next year if voters approve the move.
Newsom Announces Coronavirus Testing Task Force, Website To Get Medical Supplies To Front LinesGovernor Gavin Newsom announced in a press conference on Saturday the launch of a one-stop website designed to get medical supplies to the frontlines of the fight against coronavirus.
Coronavirus Impact: Newsom Issues Executive Order Protecting Consumers From Water Shutoffs Due To Non-PaymentGovernor Gavin Newsom on Thursday issued an executive order Thursday protecting consumers who may be unable to pay their water bills during the coronavirus outbreak.
Paying Meth Users To Stop? Former Addicts Say It Won't Always WorkA potential new California bill could be a last-ditch effort to curb the state's growing methamphetamine problem, offering addicts vouchers or cash incentives to stop using.
Proposal Would End California Cap On Freelancer AssignmentsBowing to intense criticism, the author of a sweeping new California labor law now wants to amend the statute to eliminate any cap on the number of assignments freelance journalists can take.
California To Apologize For Internment Of Japanese AmericansOn Thursday, California's Legislature is expected to approve a resolution offering an apology to internment victims for the state's role in aiding the U.S. government's policy and condemning actions that helped fan anti-Japanese discrimination.
California's Primary Vote Count Could Take Longer Than EverCalifornians start voting Monday in a high-profile Democratic presidential primary that has no clear front-runner and could take longer to count than any previous election in a state already notorious for slow ballot counting.
Parolees Could Potentially Vote In California Under Proposed BillA bill that would allow tens of thousands of parolees in California to register to vote has passed on the assembly floor.
After Failure, California Leaders Vow To Pass Housing BillDesperate for more housing in the nation's most populous state, the leader of the California Senate committed Thursday to passing a law this year to boost production in a state facing a shortage of 3.5 million homes.
Seller Auctioning JFK Docs From Ex-California GovernorFormer California Gov. Jerry Brown wants to know who is trying to sell his father’s memorabilia related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
California Could Limit 'Flushable' Wipes Tied To Sewer ClogsWet wipes, those single-use wet tissues for babies and adults wanting something more than just toilet paper, are the scourge of sewer systems nationwide, according to several cities challenging claims that the products are safe to flush.