Biden Puts Power of Presidency on Display Ahead of California RecallHe wants Californians to view leading Republican challenger Larry Elder as a ‘Donald Trump clone.’
Is High Cost of Living Changing The California Dream?A new CBS News poll shows the long list of concerns Californians face right now. From the economy to wildfires to homelessness, they all impact the quality of life in the state—and they impact the pursuit of the so-called "California Dream."
California Requires Healthcare Workers To Be Fully Vaccinated By End Of SeptemberHealthcare workers in California will be required to be fully vaccinated by September 30 as the state is losing ground in the battle against new infections of a more dangerous coronavirus variant.
California Reports First 2021 Death From West Nile VirusPublic health officials report the man was a resident of San Luis Obispo County
Study: There Is No Mass Exodus From CaliforniaDespite reports of an exodus from California, there is no evidence of an abnormal increase of residents planning to leave the state, according to a recent study. 
California's Power Grid Operator Says 'No Plans For A Flex Alert' MondayDespite initial concerns Sunday over the ongoing heatwave, California's power grid operator said there will be sufficient energy supply to avoid calling on residents to conserve energy Monday.
California's Power Grid Operator Urges Residents To Conserve Energy Amid Heat WaveCalifornia's power grid operator is asking residents to conserve power for a few hours Thursday evening as record-breaking heat blankets the West this week.
'A Little Overkill': New California Workplace Mask Rules Cause Confusion For SomeThe CDC says fully vaccinated people can do without masks in most situations, but with California's economy set to fully reopen June 15, state regulators say even if one employee in a room isn’t vaccinated, everyone has to put on a face covering.
Wine Waste: The New Superfood?We love to drink it, but eating it could be even better. We have all heard about the health benefits of drinking wine, but researchers out of UC Davis say don’t throw out the waste, it may be the best medicine to fight major diseases.
Californians Rank Second Behind Hawaiians For Highest Life Expectancy Among 50 StatesCalifornians and Hawaiians have the highest life expectancy in the United States, according to newly released data by the CDC.
California: OK To Use Moderna Vaccine After Illness ReportsCalifornia says it’s safe to resume using a batch of coronavirus vaccine after some people fell ill and a halt to injections was recommended.