Along With Drop In Water Level, Lake Oroville Sees Drop In Labor Day VisitorsLabor Day at the lake looks a lot drier this year. Water levels have dropped to historic lows at popular spots all over the region.
Fire Crews Get Creative With Water Sources During Drought ConditionsCrews are fighting the Caldor Fire in the middle of drought conditions that have sparked water restrictions in several cities.
Lake Oroville Hydro Power Plant That Can Serve Up To 800,000 Homes Goes Offline Due To DroughtDue to falling levels at Lake Oroville, one of California's largest reservoirs, a hydroelectric power plant that can serve up to 800,000 homes has been taken offline as extreme drought conditions continue to impact the state.
Roseville Announces New Mandatory Water Conservation Due To DroughtStarting next Monday, people living in the City of Roseville will be required to cut their water usage by 20 percent and have assigned days to water their lawn.
Ranchers Selling Off Cattle In Order To Stay Afloat During DroughtTwo droughts in the last decade mean a rough ride for ranchers who are selling off cows to survive.
Roseville Residents To Be Required To Cut Back Water Use By 20 PercentA significant water conservation requirement is coming to Roseville as drought conditions get worse.
State Water Officials Preparing To Make Emergency Cutbacks To Growers And RanchersAs California's drought worsens, state water officials are preparing to take emergency action to conserve.
Yolo County Residents Urged To Conserve Water Due To Extreme Drought ConditionsYolo County residents and businesses are being urged to conserve water immediately due to ongoing extreme drought conditions within unincorporated areas of the county, officials announced on Friday.
Adding To State Water Woes, Illegal Pot Growers In Nevada County Steal Water Anywhere They Can Get ItAs if California's dire dry season wasn't already difficult, thieves are making matters even worse. Illegal pot growers are stealing water anywhere they can get it.
Concerns From Salmon Advocate Group Grow As CDFW Sees Potential 'Near-Complete Loss Of In-River Juveniles'You’ve seen salmon in the river, on a fishhook, or on a dinner plate, but there’s potential for the salmon population to be severely impacted in the Sacramento River.
Waterfowl Across Sacramento Region Threatened By California DroughtThe future of millions of waterfowl that visit the region each fall could be up in the air if dry conditions continue.