Johnnie's Jams Pt. 2He's baaack! With Tina and Courtney on their day off, Director Jonathan Meris takes the reigns and has your Jams!! The theme: 1980's. Do YOU know these songs?
Johnnie's Jams Pt.1With Tina and Courtney off today, management brought in 3rd-Stringer, Director Jonathan Meris for Johnnie's Jams! Check out the hit 80's songs he plays and wait 'til the end as you'll see everyone rockin' out!
Teen's Tune - 4/13Tina's here with a Teen's Tune mash-up! Our favorite! name the EIGHT snippets of music, if you can!
Teen's Tune - 4/12It's time for a Monday edition of Teen's Tune! Some 80s and 90s dance tunes along with us!
Teen's Tune with a Special Guest! 4/11/2021Teen's Tune with a Special Guest! 4/11/2021
Tunes With A Twist! - 4/9Jordan's here for Tunes With A Twist! He'll sing 'em, you guess 'em! Play along with us!
Court's Tune - 4/8Courtney is here with Court's Tune! Today, she's got 90's TV show theme along with us!
Court's Tune - 4/7It's time for Court's Tune! Today's theme is pickup line along with us!
Court's Tune - 4/6Court's here with today's Court's Tune, today's theme is "apologies!" Play along with us!
Teen's TuneCheck out today's Teen's Tune!
Johnnie's JamsDirector Jonathan Meris is back with "Johnnie's Jams" and the theme is "# 2's". Number 2 hits (as opposed to number 1's) on the Billboard charts. The last song is THE JAAAM!
Court's Tune - 4/2It's time for Court's Tune! Think...number one. Play along with us!
Johnnie's JamsKeeping with today's theme: One Hit Wonders. Director Jonathan Meris picks his favorite One Hit Wonder you know these songs?
Teen's Tune - 3/31Tina is here with today's Teen's Tune! Today subject: Classic Rock! Play along with us!
Teen's Tune - 3/30, 10amTina is back ONCE AGAIN with Teen's Tune! It's a mashup! Play along with us!
Teen's Tune - 3/30, 8amTina's here with Teen's Tune! Today, random music from Tina's vast music along with us!
Teen's Tune - 3/29Tina's here with Teen's Tune! Songs from 1985 today, this should be right in Cody's wheelhouse...
Teen's Tune - 3/28Tina's here with a Teen's Tune on a Sunday! We're going alllll the way back to the 2010's today! Play along with us, and try not to get weirded out by producer Angelo at the very end...
Johnnie's Jams (Not that Johnnie) - 3/25Tina: OFF! Courtney: OFF! It's time for Johnnie's Jams! Oh...Jonathan Meris: OFF! Get me that other Johnnie! John Dabkovich, our favorite 4th string DJ, is here with Johnnie's Jams! In what has become a COMPLETELY unintentional theme of the show today, John has "foot" songs! Play along with us!
Teen's Tune - 3/24Tina's here with a Wednesday edition of Teen's Tune, today's its male artists (not "mail artists" Cody)! Play along with us!
Teen's Tune - 3/23Tina's here with today's Teen's Tune, and Lori has asked Tina for songs that she knows. She knows...some of them. Play along with us!
Tunes...With A Tuba? - 3/22Producer Andy has been here ALL MORNING showing off his tuba (sousaphone) skills in support of the UC Davis women's basketball team, and here's his final appearance on today's show bringing us tuba (sousaphone) tunes!
Teen's Tune 3/21/2021Teen's Tune 3/21/2021