DAVIS (CBS13) — Are you team cow or team horse? Everyone at UC Davis is weighing in as a new movement is taking shape to modify the university’s mascot.

“Cow! Absolutely cow! The unofficial mascot of Davis,” one student said.

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But that unofficial status could soon change if Mick Hashimoto, Brittany Tang and Dennis Liang have their way. They’ve launched the Cow 4 Mascot campaign. It’s a mission to create more school spirit by unseating Gunrock the Mustang and bringing in a bovine instead.

“With COVID, I think there are a lot of students who were struggling to have campus spirit and have a sense of community here,” Hashimoto said. “So I think that by changing the mascot to a cow, it can create a lot of change and stuff like that.”

But some aren’t ready to turn their backs on tradition.

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“Gunrock is kind of an institution here, so I feel bad,” said Alejandro Magallan, a music major. “I understand, thematically, the cow makes more sense, but I might take tradition over innovation.”

With student voting underway this week, organizers are feeling confident about their grassroots movement.

“I think we have a really strong following, so we’re looking really good,” Hashimoto said.

Undergraduates vote this week, and if they get 60 percent of the votes, the measure then goes to alumni for a vote.

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As for a potential name for a cow mascot, a lot of ideas are being thrown out there: Bossy the Cow, Agnes, Hugh Heffer. We’re told keeping Gunrock is also a strong possibility, but the final say would be up to the students.