SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Navigating the first weekend since last Sunday’s horror is not expected to be easy as some admit to struggling with a shaken sense of security.

It’s a different and even a difficult journey back to normalcy in downtown Sacramento.

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Trenique Hodge knew two of the victims in last weekend’s mass shootings: 38-year-old Sergio Harris and 29-year-old DeVazia Turner.

“This is our kick-it area. We went to District 30, we went to London,” said Hodge. “I’m not going to hear his stories anymore.”

There’s now a different feel downtown. Club hopping brings you past flowers, condolences, and the faces of six lives lost to gun violence.

“It opens my eyes but then it does change because there’s no point of me even going out anymore, especially if something like this could happen,” said Hodge.

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“Everybody has a level of depression, but I think we need to be resilient,” said Corey Brown who’s worked downtown for 20 years.

Dr. Angela Drake is a clinical professor in the department of psychiatry at UC Davis Health.

“That’s what I don’t want people to do, is say things like, ‘I’m never going to go out downtown again’ or ‘I’m never going to do this again,’ because that’s when it impacts your quality of life,” said Dr. Drake.

For now, it’s the difficult balance of mourning while moving forward.

“Downtown’s a very special place, let’s revive it. Let’s remember the people we lost but let’s make Sacramento the safe place we need it to be for kids and future generations,” said Brown.

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Dr. Drake recommends easing back into nightlife, taking a break from social media, and dealing with anxiety following the shootings in order to heal.