ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – For years, the Roseville realtor community has claimed a couple is taking advantage of open houses by stealing from their clients. This past weekend, the couple was accused of striking again.

Louise Ly’s family had an open house two weeks ago. The home sold fast and just in time.

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“We watched our open house guests come in, so it will be interesting to see if it is one of the couples that came to the house,” said Ly, referring to the alleged thieves.

Rick Girvin says the couple told all of his colleagues the same story — that they were looking for a home for their mom — and signed in to showings using a name believed to be fake.

“Hit every open house in Roseville and Rocklin,” Girvin said.

He claims the couple stole everything from pills to clothes and cash, and he said it’s not the first time.

The Roseville realtor community believes it’s the same couple who stole ice cream from an open house back in 2019, a story CBS13 covered. We’ve blurred the couple’s faces in the story because police have yet to confirm if they are suspects.

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Girvin and his colleagues have reported the crime to the Roseville Police Department.

“We have pictures, we have video statements. I think that should be plenty for them to make a case,” he said.

Except, Roseville police say they’re missing one major piece of the puzzle. Realtors cannot file police reports because the homes being burglarized don’t belong to them and homeowners have yet to come forward. Until then, Girvin says they’ll be on the lookout.

“Everyone’s been forwarded their pictures [and] their video, so everyone’s going to be on alert for this couple,” Girvin said.

Roseville police said as soon as they have official police reports from the homeowners, they will begin looking into any potential leads from 2019 until now.

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In the meantime, they suggest anyone selling their house lock up valuables and keep cameras inside their home.