SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Women in multiple Sacramento neighborhoods said a man has been following them home, lingering and refusing to leave.

The reports are coming in from the Fruitridge and South Land Park areas.

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One of the women is a mom of two who wanted to remain anonymous over fear for her safety. Ring video shows a gold Nissan Altima pulling up at her parents’ house where she was taking her two-year-old.

She says a man followed her there and wouldn’t leave until her father scared him away

Surveillance video captured less than a mile away tells a similar story.

Rosa Delgardo says the man in the video, whose face has been blurred since no police report was filed for this incident, drove up minutes after her daughter came to pick up her kids.

He reportedly lingered in her yard before approaching the house.

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“He came to the door after blocking my driveway and said ‘Hola,’ ” Delgardo said.

She says he asked for “the girl” in the house.

“I told him ‘I can’t help you.’ I closed and locked the door,” Delgardo said.

Sacramento police confirmed they’ve received multiple reports of a man driving a gold Altima and lingering on properties, refusing to leave.

On Friday, they towed a car matching that description because the driver didn’t have a license. They say they’re still investigating.

“I just want to make sure something’s done about it so we can rest a little easier,” the mother of two said.

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Police say if you see the man, do not talk to him. Instead, call 911.