SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — On this “twosday,” local couples are getting hitched and celebrating a palindrome wedding date.

All those repetitive numbers are meaningful in the field of numerology, and the newlyweds expect the 2-22-22 date will bring a little extra luck to their marriage.

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Marciaday and Katarina said “I do” on 2-22-22 at the Sacramento County Clerks Office, and they’re not alone.

In fact, there were 25 ceremonies not including any walk-ins. Santina and Deandre Taggert booked the date months ago

“222, 333, 444 — those are all angel numbers. They all mean certain things,” Santina Taggert said.

Frannie Taylor was among the walk-in brides. She says securing this wedding date was well worth the two-hour wait.

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“The number 222 can be seen as a reminder that you’re on the right track,” Taylor said.

Over at the Capitol, five couples tied the knot in a group wedding. A minister officiated the “wedding for the twos” ceremony after couples were chosen from a social media ad.

The ceremony even wrapped up at exactly 2:22 in the afternoon.

“This day is never going to happen again,” one new bride said. “So we wanted to do it on a really memorable day.”

The county clerk told us all three Sacramento offices were booked solid for ceremonies for Tuesday more than a month ago.

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A palindromic date means it reads the same forwards and backwards.