SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A longtime Sacramento restaurant is shutting its doors for good after the pandemic took its toll on de Vere’s Irish Pub in Davis and Sacramento.

The city of Sacramento first ordered restaurants to shut down indoor dining right before St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

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“We got closed down on St Patrick’s Day in 2020,” said Owner Henry de Vere White.

It was expected to be an anticipated business boost for de Vere’s. But, nearly two years later, the pub is closing down for good.

De Vere’s owner Henry de Vere White

De Vere White says there is sadness in shutting down, especially after a massive remodel; his family story is showcased on the walls.

“We set out to create a family pub that would create a community,” he said.

Now pub fans are sharing the memories of class reunions, retirement parties, and baby showers that happened inside the pub walls.

“Even when it’s good sometimes you have to make hard decisions,” said de Vere White.

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Economic experts say the region is seeing the hospitality industry overall cutting its losses, some choosing to close with the delta variant, short staffing, and supply chain issues taking a toll with no end in sight.

Sanjay Varshnay, Professor of Finance at Sacramento State and Founder of Goldenstone Wealth Management said, “It’s a way better option than try to stay open and keep bleeding.”

Buts it’s not all bad news for the Sacramento region. The Sacramento Downtown Partnership says 44 restaurants have opened since 2020, and now 32 new restaurants have been proposed but not yet approved by the city.

The Michelin Guide recently honored Sacramento restaurants like Camden Spit & Larder, a place that closed during the pandemic but is now seeing a packed lunch hour and six weeks of good business.

Oliver Ridgeway, Head Chef of Camden Spit & Larder said, “You’re constantly in this evolvement of knowing your customer base.”

As ee Vere pours out the final pints at their Sacramento, establishment, they say this isn’t the end.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you see a couple of Irish brothers trying something new,” de Vere White said.

The downtown agencies don’t have a number for the amount of pandemic-related closures in the restaurant industry.

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De Vere’s will be open here through this Sunday.