SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — A horrific car crash landed a Sacramento man in the hospital, and he’s now fighting to recover.

His family said he came away with his life, thanks to some luck. A car full of nurses and a retired California Highway Patrol officer were driving directly behind him at the time of the crash, and his mother is searching for these heroes hoping to thank them.

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In late May, Molly Birt said her son, 20-year-old Justice Birt, was trying to get into the fast lane on Highway 99 when the car behind him suddenly sped up. He over-corrected and smashed into the center divider.

It’s a crash his mother says could have killed him—but then a miracle car full of medics went to work.

“They created a tourniquet on him and applied pressure until the ambulance had gotten there. Like the officer said, if it wasn’t for them my son wouldn’t be here. He lost so much blood,” Molly Birt said.

Birt said these heroes gave her a second chance to live life with her son, simply because they cared.

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“It means that there’s still kindness in the world. There’s still people out there that care—and will stop and help—and will stop and pull over just to help somebody they don’t know,” Birt said.

Justice Birt faces a long, tricky road to recovery. His left arm is mangled and he’s already been through multiple surgeries, several involving skin grafts.

“We don’t know if he’ll gain full momentum of his left side, but he had broken his right side as well,” Molly Birt said.

She said her son is a loving man who has always take care of her. Now, she said it’s her turn to care for him.

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“It’s the positive in it. It was the good people that were there to save him,” Birt said. “The second is that I have a second chance. I have a second life with my son.”