SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A minor coronavirus outbreak in the California assembly has lawmakers and staff wearing masks once again. It’s got some wondering, is the whole state next?

The outbreak at the Capitol included nine people, and four of them were vaccinated.

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“It’s definitely a concern, and why I wear a mask,” said Jacqueline Navarro, who still takes every precaution.

She lost her grandparents to COVID and is now worried about variants – like the more contagious Delta.

“Obviously the pandemic isn’t over and we should still continue to take precautions,” Navarro said.

Many people agree. Maxine Northern and her friend, Phyllis, have been enjoying their freedom but are still wearing their masks, too.

“I’m loving that things are opening up more, but I’m taking it slow,” said Northern.

She thinks with more feeling free, just like her, a return of restrictions and another mask mandate may be on the horizon.

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“I think it will happen because people are ready to go,” Northern said. “Everywhere you read, where there’s a gathering, some people have come away.”

CBS13 asked Dr. Dean Blumberg, with UC Davis, if it’s possible. He said the state is in a good place, for now, but said things could change if the state takes a turn for the worse.

“If we do end up getting increased rates of transmission, either widespread rates of transmission in the county or the state or the country or in a local environment, then I think it’s reasonable to consider mitigation efforts,” Dr. Blumberg said.

At the moment, masks are only required in certain places – like medical offices or at the airport. But CAL-OSHA says employers can still mandate them as they see fit.

“I have to wear a mask to work,” said Robert Withrow. “I’m not vaccinated and I have no intention of being vaccinated.”

Withrow hopes he doesn’t have to start wearing his mask outside of the workplace, but he thinks with what’s happening at the Capitol – among those vaccinated and not, it’s only a matter of time until the state takes charge again.

“If you’re only mandating a mask at certain places – but not every place,” Withrow said. “I mean we just had the Fourth of July, there will probably be an uptick.”

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Some of those inside the Capitol were wearing masks. Dr. Blumberg said for many, masks are now just a personal choice; but he says they’re helpful in curbing infection much like the vaccine. Though he says, both are still not 100% percent effective. Still, Blumberg said they may help make for a more mild case. He hopes people remain vigilant, especially as people still learn about the Delta variant.