SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s one of the biggest signs times are changing, face masks are no longer mandatory in California for vaccinated people.
But business can still require you to wear them regardless of your status. The mask on, mask off whiplash is definitely generating confusion. It’s a habit that’s hard for some to completely get rid of.
“When I see everybody else wearing one I feel naked, like I should probably put mine on too!” Said Denise Curtis, who was visiting Old Sacramento.
Curtis said she’d rather never wear a mask again, but you just never know.
“I’m still going to carry mine at all times because you never know. You’ll see people walking around with a mask on or not,” she said.
Others are a bit more prepared to let it go.
According to research from Psychology Today, wearing a face mask is often based on how a person judges risk, peer pressure, and a feeling of control.
Businesses are sending mixed messages. Most grocery stores still require everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask. Many of the shops in Old Sacramento say they plan to display “mask optional” signs.
“I’m just being very cautious. I kind of will follow the crowd and probably still social distance and all of that anyway, said Anita Varney.
For Varney, ending the mask mandate will not spark a huge change in her daily routine. She’s waiting for a more definite sign that things really are safe.
“I just kind of want the alls ok across the board, know that everything’s good,” she said.