DAVIS (CBS13) — Kabang, the dog that was hailed as a hero for saving two girls from being hit by a motorcycle in the Philippines back in 2011, has died.

Dr. Anton Lim, the dog’s veterinarian, announced on Monday that Kabang had died in her sleep. He had been taking care of the dog since 2015 after Kabang’s owner passed away.

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Kabang after her treatment at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2013. (Photo by Don Preisler/UCDavis)

The dog’s earned international fame for her heroic story of leaping into the path of a motorcycle that was headed towards tow young girls. The dog’s face got embedded in the bike’s front wheel – ripping her nose and the top of her jaw.

Lim was able to take Kabang to the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine for treatment.

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Vets also discovered Kabang, who was a street dog, had heartworm and a type of infectious cancer.

A five-hour surgery closed up Kabang’s facial wound, and the vets also treated all the other complications. She returned home to the Philippines in 2013.

“Kabang came to us for treatment in 2012 and stayed in our care for 7 months. She was a courageous and loving dog. We’re pleased to see she had a long life after returning to The Philippines in 2013. Our condolences to Dr. Lim and all who cared for her. Rest in peace, sweetheart,” UC Davis Veterinary Medicine tweeted on Monday.

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Kabang lived to be 13 years old.