YUBA CITY (CBS13) – A new billboard in support of law enforcement has been put up in the Yuba-Sutter area after the original was vandalized back in December.

When loan officer Cameron Elkins saw that the first billboard had been defaced, he was driven to find the funding for a new one.

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“It did not sit well,” said Elkins.

A group from about a dozen businesses stood in front of the new billboard as it was unveiled Friday. It was a picture of what can happen when people come together to turn a negative into a positive.

“Being the son of an officer I’ve always been extremely supportive,” said Elkins.

Elkins recruited businesses with the help of the local chapter of “Back the Badge,” a pro-law enforcement group.

“We know they don’t have an easy job and we want them to know that they have the support of everyone in this community as they go to work every day,” said Cynthia Rachel.

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Each of the businesses on the billboard gave at least $500 – enough for a six-month run. Many thought it was important given the social unrest and push to defund police departments nationwide.

“They’re getting a bad rap right now,” said Gayliene Cole, a realtor.

Cole said it was personal. Her son is in law enforcement and her husband was too.

“They patrol our communities, they are out there at the parks, fundraisers. They are doing things at the schools to encourage our children,” she said.

The second billboard is larger and in a better location along busy Highway 20.

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“This is really going to be a benchmark with how Sutter County and Yuba County feel about our law enforcement. We very much respect and value them,” said Coleen Morris with Sutter Buttes Business Services. “I just wanted an officer at the end of a long shift to drive by a billboard to say ‘You know what? There is support out there, and I am doing this for a good cause.’ “