EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) – A rare spotted skunk rehabbed by rescuers in El Dorado County was released in Santa Barbara just a few miles from Oprah Winfrey’s estate.

Debra Webster, a rescue expert who specializes in saving skunks, shared a video of the animal being released. The skunk can be seen wandering around a rocky, grassy area searching for a place to go.

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“There’s just some misconceptions out there about them and it’s unfortunate because they’re so beneficiary to our environment,” Webster said of skunks back in February.

Last month, the spotted skunk was being cared for by Webster as Sierra Wildlife Rescue was searching for stay-at-home workers to volunteer in helping foster baby animals in need as spring approaches.

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Webster said the key to rescuing wildlife is to remember they need to return back to the wild one day.

“I’m not spending time with her, petting her or trying to sweeten her up. I’m just letting her be her own little self,” Webster said.

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Webster said the spotted skunk was released about 3-5 miles from Oprah’s estate.