WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Police shot and killed a man on Ikea Court in West Sacramento Thursday afternoon.

CBS13 crews heard approximately eight gunshots just before 4 p.m. on Ikea Court near Reed Avenue and saw a person down in the street. Police taped off the area between the Arco and Shell gas stations and an ambulance and fire truck responded to the scene alongside several police vehicles.

West Sacramento Police Sergeant Stefan Iwanicki says officers were originally called to the Walmart parking lot around 3:45 p.m. about a suspect armed with a knife.

That suspect, a man in his mid 20s, was shot by at least one officer after getting out of his car on Ikea Court, not far from the parking lot, police said.

Officers confirmed the suspect was armed at the time of the shooting.

Witnesses at the Arco gas station say they saw police surround a person in their vehicle and order the suspect to get out.

According to witnesses, the suspect had something in his hand when he got out of his car and ran toward police. Some witnesses say they heard a taser deployed before the shots were fired.

CBS13 photographers witnessed a gun and knife on the ground next to the body after the shooting. Police confirm those items are not any of their department weapons.

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

A knife and gun could be seen near the spot where the body fell.

“We don’t know, he was clearly dead on the ground, just laying on the ground, and we saw police still pointing guns at him,” a witness said.

“I just heard one warning, ‘get back,’ and one of the cops shot him with a taser and the other guys just started shooting him with the gun,” witness Isabell Beavan said.

No officers were injured in the shooting.

Police urge people to avoid the area, as the streets will be closed for several hours while they continue their investigation.

Sgt. Iwanicki, Public Information Office for West Sacramento Police, said the suspect who has not been identified has had prior run-ins with their department. Iwanicki was unable to answer if the suspect has any mental health issues. Police did not release details on what led to officers firing their weapons.

“A use of deadly force is something we take very seriously at the West Sacramento Police Department and it is the last resort when there are no other options available,” said Sgt. Stefan Iwanicki.

The Woodland Police Department and Yolo County District Attorney’s Office will conduct an independent investigation of the officer-involved shooting.

The last fatal officer-involved shooting in West Sacramento was on Sept. 12, 2020 when officers shot and killed 88-year-old Robert Coleman.