SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The candy hearts have been eaten and the Hallmark cards have been opened. But for you singles trying to stomach all the love that’s in the air on Valentine’s Day, today is your day.

Singles Awareness Day couldn’t come at a more important time.

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For those of us without a significant other, it’s a little worse on Valentine’s Day.  Take heart, there is a day in your honor: Singles Awareness Day!

Nicole Medeiros is constantly surrounded by people at work.

“But at home a lot of Netflix, and, you know, I hang out with my cat,” said Medeiros.

Psychiatrist Peter Yellowlees says 30 percent of the population is alone,  and, during the pandemic, it’s become a problem not just socially, but mentally and emotionally.

“There is no question people are getting more anxious, depressed, drinking excessively, taking too many drugs. Rates of domestic violence and other sorts of aggressive behaviors have been going up, unfortunately,” said Yellowlees.

Humans are social animals — it’s part of our genetic makeup. He says we are suffering from a loss of social interaction.

“And there’s no doubt that does make people feel stressed and upset, but it does lead to bad habits,” he said.

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Yellowlees suggests outdoor activities like cycling, golfing, fishing, and focusing on sleeping and eating right.

Even man’s best friend is a fantastic fix.

More from CBS Sacramento:

“Pets are fantastic in terms of supporting need for social interaction. Our need to care for other people. Our need to have to get out of the house and exercise them,” he said.

This isn’t a surprise for those familiar with canine companionship.

“And there are a bunch of young people that are dressed really fashionably. When they are at the dog park with their new dogs. So I’m thinking there is maybe a kind of…let me walk my dog and have a ‘meet cute,’ I think is the expression,” said one man we talked to.

Experts say love doesn’t always have to involve relationships.

“I have always been comfortable on my own. I take myself out to meals all the time. I don’t’ need people. I want people,” said Medeiros.

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It’s this kind of self-love that singles awareness day is promoting.