PLACER COUNTY (CBS13) – A Roseville man is looking for answers after his best friend was hit by a car and killed just days ago. The driver took off.

“There’s no way I was just going to let him die and not say anything about it,” says Rick Crowe, whose best friend Tony Lowe, was hit by a car and killed this past Saturday while walking along PFE Rd in Placer County.

When Rick heard the news he went looking for answers.

“Looking at the buildings that have cameras on them,” said Crowe.

Crowe found a surveillance video that shows a white car pulling into a nearby lot the night of the accident. The driver gets out and walks out of sight.

“(the driver) went over to where Tony was hit and in a few minutes he walked away got into the white SUV and left,” he said.

The California Highway Patrol says they are aware of the video and officers are looking for the driver of the white SUV.

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“It wasn’t their fault he was on the wrong side of the road. But they left. They ran.”

Rick says 2020, like so many others, took a toll on Tony.

“The COVID hit and that really took a hit on his business. He was a little mad about things in life,” said Crowe.

Those burdens Rick wishes he could have lifted if only he had the chance to say one last thing.

“I would just tell him ‘look, everyone’s here for you; they’ve got your back,” said Crowe.

This investigation is ongoing.