ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Ten-year-old Vincent Dimos has been thrown more curveballs than many get in a lifetime.

He’s lost his parents, battled health problems, and now is living through a global pandemic, but he’s found a hero in a local man motivating students across Northern California.

Born with a rare genetic disease, Dimos has been in and out of the hospital.  By the time he was five years old, both of his parents had passed away. Now, the pandemic is making things even harder.

“If my blood sugar gets real high, sky-high, then I have to do something about it, right grandma?” Dimos said.

He told CBS13 the pandemic has been pretty sad. That is until he found his hero, motivational speaker Sami Kader with Sami’s Circuit.

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“He’s a cool guy that I remembered. He’s the best guy in the whole world,” said Dimos. “He just gets rid of that negative voice out of me. I had that negative voice for long enough.”

Kader normally visits dozens of schools across Northern California getting kids to open up but then COVID-19 shut everything down. Following his own mantra, Kader didn’t give up. He started sending his motivational workouts to schools on video.

“That’s the best gift anyone can give one of my little kiddos in the whole world,” said Vincent’s teacher, Ali Rumsey.

“Anything that I can do to give them a positive word, positive voice that they never forget, I’m gonna do that,” said Kader.

While the results are in this young boy’s eyes lighting up at Kader’s video, CBS13 was there for an even more magical moment when Dimos met his hero face-to-face.

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“What does Sami stand for?” Kader asked Vincent. They both chanted in unison, “Strive, achieve, motivate, inspire.”

“He related to me and he showed me the power that was in us all,” said Dimos.

Kader is now offering his motivational workout videos to homeschoolers and individual families, hoping to reach more youth during the pandemic.

You can find more information on Sami’s Circuit website.