RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – A car crashed into a Rancho Cordova family’s front yard Monday, just feet from where two children were sleeping, marking the second time an accused drunk driver has crashed into the same house this year.

Back in January, a grandmother was killed and two others were injured after police say another drunk driver slammed into the living room. The house sits at the corner of Georgetown Drive and Coloma Road.

Neighbors say not enough has changed here since January when a car landed in the Williams’ family living room, killing 69-year-old Jan Williams. The city put up 700-pound boulders in hopes of stopping this tragedy from happening again, but their plan didn’t do much.

A photo from the crash Monday.

On Monday, another driver crashed hitting the front lawn of the new family that lives at the same address. Briana Perrin said if the car would have gone 15 or 20 feet further, her children could have died.

A car flipped over on Georgetown Road, nearly missing her home, her two young kids sleeping inside. A man police say was drunk was arrested. Photos from the scene show empty liquor bottles.

Now, less than a month after moving in, Perrin says she wants out, saying it’s too dangerous for her kids.

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“I’ve seen people go 80-plus down this street every day,” she said.

Dan Williams’s mother was killed on a football Sunday in January, he and his wife were hurt after a car barreled into the front of their home.

“You can’t’ bring my mother back,” said Dan Williams.

They are horrified to hear this close call crash happened.

“I felt so bad, and it kind of dredged up everything that we had just gone through,” said Dan Williams.

“Some of these things that were isolated, but now we’re finding out that it’s not so isolated and we’re hearing of another one nine months since our accident and it’s just terrifying,” said Lorrie Williams.

Now they’re suing the city of Rancho Cordova. The suit claims the intersection and the circumstances around that intersection created a dangerous condition for the Williams family.

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“It’s a recipe for disaster and it’s going to happen again unless change is repaired,” said their lawyer.

Neighbors say they’ve voiced concerns to the city about the unsafe intersection, but so far a few boulders and cut hedges have been their only answer to safety.

The City released a statement about the issues at the home: “The City of Rancho Cordova cannot comment on matters under litigation. However, we can say that the safety of our residents is our number one priority, and we are working with the current homeowner to ensure that.”

Perrin said she was told about Jan Williams’s death, but only 48 hours before she was signing the paperwork to buy the home and move in. She says if she had known about the crash, she would have never moved into the house.