VACAVILLE (CBS13) – Dramatic Vacaville police body camera footage gives a new look at the heart-pounding race to evacuate people during the LNU Lightning Complex wildfire.

The video shows officers going door-to-door, alerting people of the fast-moving flames, which is one of the three largest in California history.

“You got to go now, let’s go now, it’s right behind your house. You don’t have time to carry your stuff. Let’s go. Come on ma’am, we don’t have time. You’ve got to go now,” one officer said in the footage.

More footage showed the officer loading up a bag in a homeowners vehicle and hustling onto the next home. Back in the patrol car and onto the next home, the orange glow of the fast moving flames is easily visible.

In all, the LNU Complex forced 15,000 people from their homes, and more than 300 homes were destroyed in Solano County alone.