ELK GROVE (CBS13) —  The state has suspended the license of an Elk Grove cosmetic surgeon who advertised on TV.

It is quite rare for them to strip away a license like this, but a medical board expert says the doctor lacks the training and knowledge to perform cosmetic procedures.

Doctor Mahmoud Khattab owns Precision M.D. in Elk Grove. You may have seen his commercials. According to state documents, one of his patients says he butchered her, leaving her with third-degree burns and extensive scars.

Another patient described screaming in pain as he cut into her without being numb, and another woman says she ended up in the emergency room.

An expert for the medical board found Dr. Khattab was “practicing cosmetic procedures without the required knowledge, skill and expertise…” saying the danger is “…risking patient death.” A judge agreed, suspending his license.

This same doctor has sued several patients who posted negative reviews about him, including this couple we spoke with two years ago.

“We posted a simple review about our experience with a business and here we are struggling with all the stress, all the frustration,” said Karim Abulaban.

“He’s really hoping to see us what, on the street, homeless, what, crazy? What does he want?” said Nehad Aboras.

In court filings, the doctor claims the couple defamed him. The couple previously told us they spent $30,000 in legal expenses fighting the defamation lawsuit.

The case is now over and they say they are no longer allowed to talk about it.