SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The state is taking a new approach to stop the spread of COVID-19 ahead of the holiday weekend.

On Labor Day we usually see large crowds, BBQs at parks and house parties, but the state is warning people to not get too comfortable this weekend.

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In the last push to celebrate the final days of summer, some people at Discovery Park are firing up the grill early to avoid the anticipated crowds.

“I know there will be a free for all. It’s going to be packed,” said Woodland resident, Lucky P.  “I just want to be safe. Right now we are far apart from every tent and usually, we are next to each other and it’s chaos.”

Others are calling party foul on encouraged holiday distancing like Paul Josh, who plans to have a small group of friends over his house this weekend.

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“I’m totally comfortable with anything. It’s just the reality being what it is, people aren’t getting together that much. People are sticking to themselves which is unfortunate if you ask me,” said Josh.

Jessica Lambert visiting from out of state is not bothered by the possibility for crowds.

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“I’m clean, I know when I touch my hands and face. I’m a responsible adult. So, it’s not really too much of a concern for me,” Lambert said.

California Public Health thinks you should be concerned. The state released new TV ads targeting young adults and those in the Latino and African-American communities. All three groups are seeing a significant amount of positive COVID-19 cases.

According to State Public Health officials, Latinos and African Americans are at higher risk for severe complications from the virus due to the increased prevalence of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other underlying conditions.

Latinos make up about 40% of the California population, but nearly 60% of all COVID-19 cases and 48% of deaths, according to state health officials.

As Sacramento County continues to work to limit their positive cases and remove the area from the state’s “widespread” risk level category, County Health Officer Dr. Olivia Kasirye urges residents to stay vigilant.

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“We have seen the experience from previous holidays weekends where we actually saw a spike,” she explained. “This year it is different and we need to maintain the vigilance so we cant get through this and next year we will be in a better place.”

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With the hot temperatures expected this weekend, county officials know parks won’t be the only issue with people wanting to cool down inside, where its easier to spread the disease. Health officials warn even if you feel healthy, play by the rules and keep your distance.