VACAVILLE (CBS13) — A decades-old wedding photo was discovered in a Solano County driveway days after the LNU Lightning Complex Fire forced thousands to evacuate.

Photo credit: Yesenia Duran

Now Yesenia Duran is on a quest to find its rightful owner.

“It was upside down right here so it kind of blended in with everything,” Duran said.

There’s a story behind the old black and white photo, the problem is, Duran can’t find the person who knows it.

“When I picked it up I got chills. Just to see how old it is and I know it’s a keepsake because it’s a wedding picture,” Duran said.

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Duran understands just how sentimental these snapshots are. She was one of many forced to evacuate during the LNU Lightning Complex Fire last week. Among the first things she packed was her own wedding album.

“This is a collection of the most important day of our lives thus far,” Duran said. “So, me finding that wedding picture, that’s when I was really like I need to find the owner.”

She found the picture of the happy couple cutting their cake in a silver frame on Gibson Canyon Road in Vacaville.

“Obviously, whoever was leaving their house, they grabbed this because it was important,” she said. “It probably flew out of their car or something and they were in a hurry.”

Duran shared the find on Facebook in hopes that someone would recognize and claim this precious piece of family history. So far she’s had no luck.

“If your house were to burn down, all you would have is a picture to remember this day. So, that’s why whoever lost the picture, I hope I can get it back to them,” Duran said.

At a time when so much feels uncertain, Duran’s mission is clear: get this driveway discovery back to its rightful owner and perhaps add a chapter of survival to this couple’s story.

If you recognize the photo, reach out to Duran on Facebook.