SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) — South Lake Tahoe is telling people to wear a mask or get fined.

The city council voted fine people up to $100 for not following the statewide mask order. Businesses can also be fined up to $500 for not enforcing the rule.

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The emergency order will be in place by Friday.

Digital message boards will alert visitors and locals of the changes at both ends of town, the city council said.

South Lake Tahoe already implemented an ambassador program to encourage mask-wearing and social distancing.

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The town is also dealing with a trash problem. Last week, locals gathered to protest at locations around the lake hoping to draw attention to the mess they say tourists are leaving behind.

The organizers said they’re sick of their beaches being littered and they’re worried about tourists increasing the number of coronavirus cases in their town.

“They’re leaving their trash everywhere, they’re leaving dirty diapers, they’re leaving it next to the dumpster,” Tahoe resident Jesse Henderson said.

On Tuesday, the city council said it has partnered with South Tahoe Refuse to address the litter issue. The organization is going help pick up trash and work with the ambassador program to post signs on locked commercial dumpsters.

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