SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – We can all learn a lot from one little dog. Born with the odds against her, she’s taking it all like a champ.

It’s a story that’s bound to break your heart and warm it all at once. A puppy in a wheelchair is teaching everyone around her about love. determination, and perseverance.

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“She kind of hops like a little rabbit or a little frog,” said Doreen Coberly, Libby’s foster mom and administrative assistant at Elk Grove Animal Shelter.

Little Libby isn’t like other dogs, but you would never know it and neither does she.

“I wouldn’t say that she has a disability because she doesn’t know she has a disability, she does everything my dogs do,” said Coberly.

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Born with no front legs, Libby was not even a year old when she was dumped at a park.

“It’s heartbreaking. There’s nothing wrong with her. In my eyes, there’s nothing wrong with her,” said Coberly.

Playful just like any other puppy, Libby holds her own with the other dogs in her foster home, but non-profit Friends of Elk Grove Animal Shelter gave Libby a boost.

“Of course the minute we heard about Libby, it was like, ‘ok, we have to help her,'” said June Lavine, CEO of Friends of Elk Grove Animal Shelter.

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They raised enough money to get Libby her very own custom wheelchair.

“When she sits down it’s too hard for her to lift because her back’s not used to getting up that way, so that’s where the training wheels will come in,” said Coberly.

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The next step is to raise more money for those training wheels and then a forever home.

“Libby is showing us and anyone with a disability that it’s not a disability. She’s showing that love, determination, and patience will conquer anything,” said Lavine.

Starting Monday, you’ll have 48 hours to fill out an adoption application for Libby.

Click here to donate to the Elk Grove Animal Shelter.

You can fill out an adoption application for Libby or any of the other pets needing a home on the Elk Grove Animal Shelter website. The cost is $150. The shelter will interview applicants that are the best fit for each pet.

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